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5 Reasons NOT to Breastfeed

5 Reasons NOT to Breastfeed

As I’m reading (and listening to some friends) about the mental anguish they are going through because they can’t breastfeed I’ve decided to come up with a list to highlight the not-so-glamorous parts of breastfeeding, in a humorous light, to demonstrate some of the upsides of formula feeding your baby! Okay, so this may be a bit unconventional, but I hate that so many moms are beating themselves up over not being able to breastfeed. Here’s the list:

1- You don’t have painful, chapped, blistering, bleeding nipples- the first couple weeks of learning how to breastfeed can be painful!

2- Your husband, boyfriend, partner, parent, etc can take night shifts to feed the baby formula from a bottle and YOU can get a few extra hours of sleep- breastfeeding moms can also accomplish this by pumping a bottle, but those moms who are formula feeding don’t have to worry about this added task.

3- If you want to go out to lunch, run an errand, get your nails done, etc. you can without a second thought of bringing extra nursing pads or with the worry that you will become engorged! (This is especially true when a mom is starting to breastfeed)

4- You can eat and drink anything you want because the baby won’t be taking it in! No need to by the breast milk alcohol testing kit!

5- No need to worry about exposing yourself to the world as you fumble putting the baby under a Hooter Hider (or other cover) in a restaurant or other public area because it’s been two hours and it’s time to feed the baby again. (Some moms are more worried about this then others, but it’s still something some breastfeeding moms struggle with.)

Like I told my friend, no one is going to be talking to their friends in high school and saying, “wow, you’re dumb- you must have been fed baby formula as a baby!” Although there are proven health benefits & costs savings to breastfeeding your baby, this is truly a blip on the radar screen in the bigger picture of your child’s life!

Do you have other reasons NOT to breastfeed? Please leave a comment below. Oh, and for the record, I breastfed my daughter until she was 10 months old. I, often times, felt very trapped by it because she was almost always attached to me.

Here is another article to reference regarding feeding your baby formula Baby Formula is NOT Rat Poison.

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  1. Bethy___Boo says:

    I knew where you were coming from on this, I do. I wish there was a way to bridge the gap between breastfeeding moms and formula feeding moms but I think you over glorified the same ignorance that and misinformation that women are often bombarded with that make them not even TRY to breastfeed.
    Our society is full of lack of education and proper medical guidance to support breastfeeding and formula feeding is often pushed even before you have the baby. (How many people were given formula samples at their OBGYN?)
    #1 was a big ouch. Really? The only reason for painful bleeding chapped nipples is an improper latch. Sure there is a learning curve in the beginning but after that, you should not have that problem. To call a nipple “Deformed” from breastfeeding is harsh and honestly, rude. None the less scary to someone who might be on the fence on trying. Deformed is a very harsh word to use. For the record, after breastfeeding for over two years my nipples are just the same as they were before.
    #2 and #3, A bottle of pumped milk is just fine in those situations. No reason to make it seem as if a mother will never sleep again, or that the partner can’t help, or that we can never take a ‘break’ simply because we breastfeed. There’s many options out there.
    #4, eh, that one I leave alone
    #5 Nursing in Public can be hard, but it can be done discreetly even for the most modest of mothers. I don’t think a cover needs to be used in any way, but I also know there are more modest women who do fear things like that. Nursing in public or what to do when the baby is hungry is another reason why women are often scared off of breastfeeding. Perpetuating that fear is not very helpful, IMO.
    I nursed my first for over 2 years, and I’ve been nursing this one for 5 months and never had a nipple slip or moment of embarrassment in public.

    Love your articles typically, but not this one.
    I know there are many reasons to formula feed and I also know that there are many reasons why women couldn’t breastfeed or just women out there that just chose not to. I do not agree with spreading false information that discourages women from breastfeeding, however.

    I will refer you to this article

    My 5 reasons to Formula feed:
    #1 You do not need to be ashamed for making choices that are right for your situation and family
    #2 Formula has been made to be as close to breast milk as possible and it perfectly healthy for your baby
    #3 Baby is going to look up at you with love and admiration rather they are nursing, drinking breast milk from a bottle, or formula from a bottle
    #4 Formula is here and was made so a baby can survive without mother’s milk and is a suitable replacement
    #5 Baby is going to grow up happy, healthy and smart no matter what they ate their first year of life.

    A woman deserves to be provided with accurate information or either side as well as support for making the decision that was right for her and her family. We, as mothers, need to learn and be willing to accept the choices of other mothers but to be there to correct misinformation or to offer the right type of support.

  2. From Holly & Lisa:

    Thank you for everyone sharing your experiences & perspectives! Bethy_Boo we LOVE your 5 reasons, they are very thoughtful & accurate!

    At NMO we respect every mommies decision to breastfeed or formula feed. We recognized a need to cheer up some mommies out there who aren’t able to breastfeed so we highlighted some of the not-so-fun aspects of breastfeeding to show that although there are tons of benefits to breastfeeding, that there are also things that aren’t so glamourous. Our goal is to empathize & cheer up some mommies who really needed a pick-me-up right now & not to offend our breastfeeding moms (Holly & I both breastfeed our daughters until 8-10 months old). Hope you understand & support all of our NMO mommies no matter what decision they need to make! We love you all :-) !

  3. ahfarnum says:

    I found my sanity when I began supplementing. Half nursing – half formula – best of both worlds.

  4. It makes me sick to hear you all talk about formula like it is such a great thing. Countless studies, as well as common sense, prove that nothing is more natural and beneficial than breast feeding. To not breast feed should be a moral crime, and for you ignorant mothers to tout formula because it makes your life more convenient shows the blatant disregard you have for your own children.

  5. Breastfeeding is gross. It’s horrible to do that to your own body. I don’t see any reason why a woman would chose to breastfeed in this day and age.

  6. Just to clear, bleeding sore nipples are NOT always the result of a poor latch. I tried to breast feed both my children and had terrible problems with the nipples. I had a midwife there with me for every feeding in hospital and a midwife who visited at home every day. No one found a problem with the latch. My nipples got worse and worse. I cried during every feeding after 10 days and I can take a lot of pain. I did not have any pain relief during birth. I visited various doctors and lactation consultants and was sick of hearing the gasps of shock and mumbles of “never seen anything like that” quickly followed by “stick with it, they will heal soon”. Well after having 2 children I can tell you, for me it just gets worse. With both I resorted to pumping and feeding my milk through a bottle. Pumping was the lesser of two evils. With both I then developed breast infections. With my first I had 3 infections in 6 weeks and finally abscesses in both breasts which required surgery. With my second I stopped nursing and pumping after the first infection because my nipples were so bad I knew the repeated breast infections were likely and my first born also needed me so weeks of being ill again were just out of the question. My mother had the same experience as me. She had 5 children and tried to breast feed each one and ended up with an abscess every time. She didn’t want to discourage me so only told me the true extend of her experience after I had stopped nursing my second child (I don’t plan on any more babies). I fully agree bast is best and am so sad I couldn’t give more to my babies. However, I wish there was more awareness and medical recognition for women like me who gave everything and it didn’t work. Sweeping generalizations that sore nipples are the result of poor latch and every woman can beast feed (with the exceptions of people with a few illnesses or who have had breast surgery) are not true and cause a lot of pain, heartache and mental anguish for people like me and my mom. The expectation that every woman can and should breasted her baby is not realistic in today’s society. Can the breast is best campaign please come into the world we live in TODAY.

  7. ThisGirl says:

    I am not breastfeeding. Despite that, I dearly and emphatically love my precious, perfect unborn baby. I also love myself, my accomplishments which include a budding career in the legal field, and my husband who deserves to look into our child’s eyes while he feeds him. No, I will not be running from the courtroom to pump. Yes, I am looking forward to that first sparkling glass of champagne. No, I do not and will not feel any guilt. If you think it is abusive for a woman not to breastfeed, I am glad you’ve made it through life thinking that is what abuse is. You are truly naive and surprisingly innocent for an adult. I can and will love my child, consider his health, without opting to trade everything else I’ve worked to hard for in.


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