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A Moment of Discipline

A Moment of Discipline

Tonight I had my first real moment of making a decision that Brett didn’t like and sticking to it until, ultimately, I won the battle…

I was with a girlfriend the other day during lunch when Brett had decided to no longer eat her avocado and turkey and, instead, eat the french fries that were on my plate (my biggest weakness when pregnant is french fries).  My girlfriend asked if I had tried telling Brett that if she took a bite of avocado then she could have a bite of french fry. I had tried previously and it hadn’t worked and I tried again that day and I didn’t feel like she understood. My friend said her daughter (3 months younger than Brett) had just started to ‘get’ that concept and it was working. After hearing that I decided I would try this method the next time Brett was trying to favor junk over her nutritious meal options.

I think it is important to choose your battles with your toddlers and this one was important to me.  She has always been a picky eater and this seems to be getting worse as she gets older (currently 19 months old).  So, here I was, sitting at dinner with my parents and Brett. We were all eating spaghetti, sausage and garlic bread. I, mistakenly, gave Brett her garlic bread while she was still eating her spaghetti. She scarfed it down and then wanted more garlic bread. I decided this was my moment. I told her to take a bite of spaghetti and then I would give her a bite of garlic bread.  She immediately went into a melt down. Screaming. Crying. Tears. Snot. She WANTED that garlic bread. I kept telling her to take a bite of spaghtetti and then she could have bread. My mom, not being able to hand these tears and screaming from her only grandchild, decides to tear a piece of her bread off to give to Brett. I held my hand up and said no to my mom. I needed to follow through on this. If I backed down now my daughter would know she was stronger than me. =)

At least 3 minutes have gone by.

Hanna Andersson

At this point Brett is on my lap wailing. I decide to stand her on the floor. Again, I tell her to take a bite of spaghetti and then she can have bread. I offer her a bite and…she…eats it! I immediately give her a piece of bread and tell her that she did good and to trust mommy when I tell her something. She then reaches for the bread again. Urgh. I go through the same routine, but for a much shorter period, and she takes a bite of spaghetti and then bread. We then alternated spaghetti and bread for about three bites and then she decided she only wanted spaghetti! It was truly a triumphant moment for me.

This was tough on all of us sitting there but it needed to be done and I was glad that I did it. I have no doubt that I will have to go through a couple more episodes like this at meal time but it will be worth it if my daughter knows that sometimes mom actually gets her way.

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