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Lisa: A Mother’s Protective Instinct

Lisa: A Mother’s Protective Instinct
I’ve always heard of a mother’s protective instinct for their child, but I had never experienced it first hand. I had wondered if I would be able to save my daughter from all those crazy situations that rush through a parent’s mind…my favorite is “what if someone breaks in and tries to steal Molly, would I be able to have the strength to overcome the intruder and save her”…I know I sound completely crazy! I discovered, on a much smaller scale, how a mother’s protective instinct does exist and will kick in when we truly need it!
One weekend morning, my husband and I were taking a walk with our adorable chocolate lab while I carried Molly in a front carrier. She had fallen asleep, so we were enjoying a leisurely walk with, our still spoiled yet to our standards, neglected first child. As always, we ran into one of our lab’s friends (yes, he has friends!) and we were letting them run around off-leash. All of sudden, my husband yells ‘snake!’ Both dogs were immediately pulled back to safety and low and behold there was a baby rattlesnake in the grass!!!
When I saw the rattlesnake, I was completely frozen with fear. I remember the feeling of not being able to move and immediate concern that our lab had been bitten by the rattlesnake, but my husband reassured me that he was okay. My initial reaction was to cross the street in order to continue on our walk verses continuing on our current (and very dangerous) path, but my husband was adamant that I walk past the rattlesnake in order to see what one looks like (I know, he was killing me with trying to educate me on what a stupid rattlesnake looks like when I’m paralyzed with fear!). I crumbled to his pressure to walk by the rattlesnake as he talked me through what unique characteristics differentiated rattlesnakes from other snakes (very sweet, but really not the right time!).
As we walked away unscathed from our rattlesnake encounter, I realized Molly was still sound asleep in her front carrier, completely naive to what had just happened. My husband made a comment that I immediately turned Molly away from the snake and when I walked by the snake, I turned her in the opposite direction of the snake. He said he was impressed with how I immediately tried to protect her. I laughed to myself because in the moment I thought I was paralyzed and couldn’t move, but in reality my instincts to protect my daughter had kicked in without me even knowing it!
The moral of the story, yes our protective instincts as mothers do exist and they will kick in right when we need them!!! I don’t think this will solve my crazy fears of being able to save Molly from evil and harm, BUT it helps me rest a little easier knowing that I will try my darnedest to keep that little girl safe!
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