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Book Review: pat the bunny

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Name of Book Being Reviewed:  pat the bunnyAuthor: Dorothy Kunhardt

Reviewed By: Genevieve Olson, M.S. in Reading Instruction

Date Reviewed: 3/13/10

Pros: interactive, small for little hands and fitting in diaper bag, lightweight, a unique “old fashion” feel to it

Cons: easy to rip pages, not super colorful

Review:  Before having my daughter I was extremely blessed to have 5 showers with friends, family, and coworkers. Knowing my love for literature each of these showers made a small request for the guests to write a loving note in a book that I could in turn read to Paige in the future instead of buying a card. I received literally at least 100 books. I still have yet to get through all of these books but it is like opening the present all over again when I reach into the box of books to try a new one out with Paige.

Just recently I stumbled across the book, pat the bunny, I know it bothers me too that it is not capitilized! This book is small and put together with a binding comb. I opened the pages to find pages filled with things for Paige to do. This was not just another cute story where the lady bug finds her way home. It had such a charming “old fashion” feel to it.  The book was not filled with big and vibrant pictures that I am usually so drawn to. It was a say and then do book that helped my daughter and I spend meaningful learning time together. I was so intrigued by the book that I decided to do some research about the author Dorothy Kunhardt.

According to Random House’s website, in the late 1930’s Kunhardt was already an established children’s author by profession and had started to experiment with putting interactive elements into her books. The product of this experimentation was pat the bunny, which she had originally written for her 3 year old daughter Edith. Dorothy really felt strongly that books should be more than just words on paper. She wanted to get children involved so they learned to love books at an early age.

In the book pat the bunny, children look in mirrors, feel daddy’s rough face, stick their little fingers through mommy’s ring as well as play peek-a-boo with a miniature blanket. It is this interactive approach that has helped sell over 7 million copies of this book in the past 60 years! Edith, the inspiration for the first book, has since written several other books that follow the same pattern. Although this book is small in stature it is enormous in its possibility for learning. On one page the two characters will do an activity then on the following page your “little character” is asked to do the same thing using some interactive tool provided in the book. My daughter and I read this book daily and even though she is only 10 months old she will rummage through all her bright and colorful collection of books to find this one and bring it to me. This is proof enough for me that this book is valued by my “little reader”.

I would recommend this book for ages 6 months and up. I hope it brings just as many smiles to your family as it has to ours. Happy Reading!

For more information on the author or other books like pat the bunny check out this website :

Overall Rating: (based on 5 palm tree rating system- 5 palm trees is a Mommy Oasis)

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  1. Holly, NMO Founder says:

    I love this book, too, but agree that the pages are too flimsy. I wish they would make a board book version.

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