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Breastfeeding Dream

Breastfeeding Dream

I had a dream the other night about my new baby. The dream was that my breasts were completely engorged with milk and I was calling for my husband to bring the baby to me so I could nurse it (I say ‘it’ because I don’t know the sex of the baby and the dream didn’t reveal the sex either- just a big, bald baby head).

I never had a breastfeeding dream during my first pregnancy and I think that is because I didn’t know what to expect really.   This pregnancy is bringing more reality based dreams- such as changing baby diapers and taking the baby out with Brett. Again, I think these dreams are happening more in this pregnancy than the last because so there are much fewer unknowns for me as a mom this time around.

Did you have dreams about breastfeeding or strange dreams in general that you would be willing to share? Please email me at to discuss being in an article about strange pregnancy dreams

Earth Mama Angel Baby -  Breastfeeding

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  1. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I constantly have dreams of breastfeeding my unborn! lol. This is my second child, I bf my 1st child for 11 months. In my dreams my breast are also gorged and some times the baby is a bald one, sometimes a cat( I’ve been feeding stray kittens outside), and I know this child is mine that I’m breastfeeding. I’ll wake up and my breast will feel like they are about to explode with milk (let down), but nothing. I’ve never had dreams like this with my first.. I mean I dreamt about a baby at the park and it was always a girl. I ended up with a girl :)

  2. Kristie M. says:

    Hello, i’m 24 weeks pregnant and last night was the 2nd time i’ve dreamt of my baby. I dreamt that she was just born, but for some odd reason she already had teeth. I went to nurse her, and at first she wouldn’t latch on to me. Then when she began feeding, she tore my nipple in half with her teeth. This frightened me so much that I woke up. Besides feeling strange about the dream, my baby seemed so sweet, but still the oddness of her having teeth at birth and cutting my nipple apart is a bit scary.


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