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Diaper Dilemma

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Diaper Dilemma

I use disposable diapers and please don’t hate on me for it. I purchased cloth diapers but just couldn’t bring myself to use them.  That is a debate for another day. This post is about my own debate over diapers: Huggies vs. Pampers. I have to start this by saying that this blog is, of course, my opinion.

When my daughter was born two years ago I was an avid Pampers diapers user.  The outside of the Pampers were (and still are) super soft. I LOVED the swaddlers and, more than that, loved the Sensitive type with the stripe that turns blue when the diaper is wet. Gimmicky? Maybe, but my husband and I thought it was great since she is our first child and we didn’t want to be overzealous when it came to diaper changes.  We used Pampers until we switched to Huggies when my daughter moved to a size 3 and I realized that we could get them at Costco. Price won in that situation.

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Pregnancy

When my son was born I registered, and received, about a dozen packages of Pampers Swaddlers and/or Sensitive diapers. I was excited to use the super-soft diapers on my newborn.  Our hospital uses Pampers on the newborn babies so the transition on my son should have been easy when we got home. Unfortunately, he started to get a terrible diaper rash on his bottom. It looked raw after a few days. I couldn’t believe it. I tried Desitin and Butt Paste but neither were working. I put a bit of neosporin on and that started to help. I decided I would go buy a package of Huggies and try that out. Within two days the rash was gone. Odd…

After the rash went away I switched back to Pampers because they are, after all, my favorite. That same day the rash came back. I’m not sure why, but something about the diaper wasn’t agreeing with my sons skin. I switched back the Huggies diapers and the rash has been gone ever since. In fact, he hasn’t had a diaper rash at all since I changed back to Huggies.

As for wipes, I am a Pampers wipes girl through and through (see previous blog My Word on Wipes) but when it comes to diapers it’s Huggies on my babies now.

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  1. Before I started cloth diapering full time a few years ago we would just get whatever was cheap at the time at whatever store we were going to. My daughter was fine with most of them, but Luvs gave her a terrible rash. That is what made me really wonder what was in those diapers and make the switch to full time cloth. It took me almost a year to get to 100% cloth. I have used Huggies at my parents’ house since they have a Costco and I liked them better than the Luvs. We mostly stick with the Seventh Generation if we need to buy a package of diapers though.


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