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Guest Blogger: Newborn Clothing- To Buy or Not to Buy?

Guest Blogger: Newborn Clothing- To Buy or Not to Buy?

Last week the stomach flu hit our house bad.  My husband was the last one to get it.  I had to take my daughter and myself out of the house for a few hours so he could rest.  So, Madison (my 19-month-old daughter) and I met my mom at Kohl’s.  My mom is really good about giving me a break while shopping.  She loves to take Madison and just shop.  Sometimes, 30 minutes goes by and I am searching the store for my mom and my daughter!


Anyhow, being almost 25 weeks pregnant, I was shopping in the baby section.  Like every expectant mom does I was ooing and gooing over the little tiny clothes.  I happen to have found one that I really liked a long sleeved little sister onesie.  I thought it would be oh so cute in pictures.  I happen to be kind of searching for the newborn size out loud as I searched through the rack.  “3 months, nope, 6 months nope, newborn are you out there?”.  Next thing I know this lady is talking to me.  I look up, and she is asking me if this is my first baby.  Without giving me a chance to respond, “no I have a 19 month old,” she continues on.  She proceeds to tell me that you should never buy newborn clothes.  There is no point.  That even the tiniest baby can fit into 3 month clothes.  That it is just a waste of money to buy newborn clothes.  Finally, she stops talking long enough for me to get a word in edgewise!  I told her that when my daughter was born at 41 weeks she was 6 lbs. and 5 oz..  So, by the time we left the hospital she was down to 6 lbs.   She was tiny. I was the mom who listened to all of the other moms, you know the more experienced moms, and did not buy the newborn clothes.  I bought for 3 months and bigger.  Then, the day of her 3 day checkup, we had to go to Target afterwards to stock up on newborn clothes because we barely had any.  She was swimming in the 3 month clothes!  The lady then proceeded to tell me that when her children were born they were 8 lbs. and 9 lbs. so they did not need newborn clothes.  She then walked away.

This conversation with this stranger bothered me.  I am no expert on parenting but I think I manage to dress my daughter in size appropriate clothes.  I plan to do the same with my second daughter.  Though I don’t need to buy many clothes because we have so many left over.  But I just wished that this lady had just minded her own business.  What kind of person comes up to a perfect stranger and starts dishing out advice?  So I guess the ultimate question will always be, to buy newborn clothes or not?  I am going to stick with my idea and buy some, because I think you need them at least for a few weeks!

Becky is a first time mom in South Orange County.  Her daugter Madison is 19 months old, and she is 25 weeks pregnant with her second daughter Makayla!  She is a full time stay at home mom and is loving it.  She loves to read, spend time with her family, and go for long walks!

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  1. I agree get some newborn stuff, Maybe wait for your baby shower and see what you get then pick up what you need. I feel the same way. the girls needed preemie clothes and those were even big on them. People just need to butt out.

  2. MomToAmethyst says:

    I also agree to get newborn clothes. Even if its just a few outfits. I was told the same thing to not get a lot of newborn. My daughter is 18 months today and was born weighing 6lbs 4oz and dropped to 5lbs 13oz. She wore some preemie clothes for a couple weeks and then was in newborn for THREE MONTHS! I had to go and buy her more clothes because she didnt have enough to wear. I wouldn’t listen to what other people say especially if they have an 8 or 9lb baby. If your first was small your second might be just as small. Like Manda said people need to butt out.

  3. I’m a new mom to a son who is 6 months old and I have previously defaulted A LOT to what other people think or have strong opinions on (even if I might actually have an opinion myself!). This is a bit strange because I’m normally a very outspoken person–often sharing my opinions and experience with others!!! lol

    That said–I truly believe that people–in general–want others to learn from their experience and that they come from a good place when sharing things. I’m JUST NOW beginning to learn that I actually know a lot more than I give myself credit for–even when it comes to caring for an infant! And I just need to start trusting myself.

    So I say–do what YOU WANT to do! And, given another opportunity where someone is proactively sharing information with you (of which, I’m sure there will be more!), either smile politely (my personal favorite) or stand up for yourself and let her know you got this one covered!!!

  4. We used newborn clothing for at least 2 months! We only had a few pieces so a few days after she was born my husband went out & bought a bunch of newborn gowns from Target. Those are the best because you don’t have to do much to get to the diapers.

  5. I bought a few newborn clothes when my son was born. Newborn clothes are cheap enough to where it really shouldn’t be a problem, but I definitely didn’t go overboard knowing that those clothes wouldn’t fit for to long.


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