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Holly: A Hernia?

Holly: A Hernia?

A couple weeks ago I was changing Brett’s diaper and noticed a small, pea-size bulge on the left side of her groin area. I ran my finger over and pushed on it slightly and it went back in. I called my husband in a panic because I assumed it was a hernia. Brett, only 14 months old, does like to carry any and everything around the house (no matter how heavy) so I figured a hernia might be in her future. My husband and I agreed that I would call the pediatrician.

I took Brett in to the pediatrician and the doctor couldn’t see anything. However, she said we had to rule out a hernia so she referred me to a pediatric surgeon. Just the sound of that freaked me out! I called to make an appointment and they couldn’t get us in for almost 3 weeks. I figured it must not be that big of a deal since it could wait that long so I put it in the back of my mind.

Yesterday we had the appointment. After waiting close to an hour for the doctor, in walks this little man that reminded me of a bear. I don’t know why, he just did. His name is Dr. Lam and he was a sweet, gentle man. Brett wasn’t even afraid of him! He checked her out and sure enough, she had a bulge above the right side of her labia. Right side? What I saw was on the left side! It is called an Inguinal Hernia. Apparently, when females get hernias they are typically bilateral (on both sides) and what I saw was actually her little ovary poking through! Holy shit! He told me that if it did pop out again that I should just let it stay that way. Here is an online article I read about hernias in babies.  They are fairly common.

The surgery will be done in an outpatient center and she will come home the same day. It will take no more than 2 hours to complete. He said that the incisions will be small and the stitches will be on the inside so she will have very little, if any, scars. He also said that she will only need a bit of Tylenol for the pain and will be, no doubt, running around the next day.

As the doctor is telling us that Brett is going to need surgery my eyes well up with tears but I hold them in. I don’t want to seem weak. In fact, I stay quite strong as I call my parents and tell them the news. I know that if I am calm, they will be calm, and I appreciate my dads humor as he tells me that I will have to put Brett’s weight training on hold for a while.  However, it is a phone call to my good friend that makes the tears truly spill over.  There’s something about talking to another new mom that makes me feel comfortable in knowing that she can understand almost exactly how I am feeling at that very moment.

It is so scary to think about Brett, 14 months old, being put under general anesthetic! I feel very out of control and, for those that know me, I like to be in control. My husband assures me that this is the best pediatric surgeon in the area and that it will be a quick procedure. Because he used to sell medical device equipment (in fact to this very surgeon) I feel comfort in what he says and it makes me feel better.

The surgery isn’t scheduled until May (proving that it isn’t an urgent situation) so that gives me a month to worry about it… actually, I feel quite calm about it now that a day has passed. I think I will put it in the back of my mind and try not to think about it until it gets closer.

I will post more information as I get it.

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