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Holly: Bees! (my motherly instinct)

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Holly: Bees! (my motherly instinct)

I was having a conversation with someone once about earthquakes and I brought up the fact that earthquakes are what I am most afraid of. My husband looked at me and said, ‘no way- you are most afraid of bees!’ Hmm, good point. I am very afraid of bees. I’ve been stung multiple times and I am allergic.

So, imagine my shock and horror when my family room window is suddenly buzzing with dozens of bees! This happened as my in-laws where leaving from visiting Brett for the first time. Yes, she was that little. In fact, she was only 6 weeks old! I was terrified! I sat in the back bedroom, on a Sunday, calling my home owners association to get them to come out and fix the problem. In the meantime my husband and father-in-law lit a fire in the fireplace (that is where the bees where coming from) and we waited.

When the Bee Man arrived they went on the roof and did some treatments around the top of the chimney. It turned out that we have some scout bees coming in looking for a place to relocate the hive (according to the Bee Man). I felt comfortable that the bees were gone.

Less than a month later there were bees in the house again! And, again, I am terrified. My body literally starts shaking. I called and they came out to the house that day. This time they taped a plastic bag over the fireplace, which looked terrible, but made me feel much better. I left it there for a few months…

That all happened almost exactly a year ago. Yesterday, however, there was a bee in my window again! I figure it is just a fluke and I ignore it (as best I can).  Then, today, my daughter is napping and I’m at the computer writing my blog (a different topic) when I hear buzzing. Lots and lots of buzzing!!!There doesn’t seem to be any bees in the window though. I walk over to the fireplace and I can hear the buzzing coming from inside the chimney!!

My husband is at work so I am on my own with this one! I called the Bee Man (they will be here by Sunday- SUNDAY?!?!) so I take my own action. I got trash bags and taped them up across the opening of the chimney. I did this carefully and slowly, making sure that no bees were going to fly down and suddenly sting me in the face!

I am feeling brave now! I am protecting myself from getting stung (because who would care for her if I got stung and couldn’t call 911?) and I am protecting her from getting stung.  I realize that I faced my fear for my daughter and not for myself at all. If I didn’t have my daughter I would probably have just left the house.  It’s one of the many moments that I realize how much motherly instinct I have. That instinct that just shows up inside of you the second that your baby is born.

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  1. Way to go Holly! What a good mom :)


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