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Holly: Cooking Fiasco

Holly: Cooking Fiasco

Since I have been pregnant with baby #2 I have cooked maybe twice. I am SO stinkin’ tired this time that I can barely pull myself together! Anyhow, as I enter week 15 of this pregnancy I am feeling less tired, but nowhere near my normal energy level. None-the-less, it is Father’s Day and I wanted to do a bit of cooking.

See, my husband is out of town for work. Yes, he missed his second Father’s Day but work calls… Many times when my husband is out of town my dad (bless his heart) comes and sleeps on my couch. This is his babysitter/bodyguard role. Tonight (Father’s Day night) he offered to take out my trash and stay the night. This offer always includes helping to bathe Brett and get her to bed so it’s hard to pass up!

One Step Ahead - Sun Smarties

Tonight Brett was overly tired from spending the day at the Chino Air Museum with her Great-Grandpa, a short nap, and a meal out. While my dad was helping to get Brett ready for bed I thought I would do something nice for him. He LOVES soup (anyone who knows him can attest to this) so I pulled out the asparagus I had in the fridge and decided to make him cream of asparagus soup. I also saw that I had brocolli in the fridge so I pulled that out to make the Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Nuggets off of the website. This is the ONLY way that Brett will eat broccoli so I make it when I can.

I got the asparagus sauteeing and the broccoli steaming. Things were going well. My dad put Brett to bed. I completed the asparagus soup recipe and was pureeing it. Suddenly, I hear Brett crying. She never cries at bedtime so I went in to get her. She was really sobbing. I rocked her, sang to her- nothing! So I put her in my bed and put on Sesame Street. As we’re laying there I smell something burning! I ran into the kitchen to find that I had steamed all of the water out of the broccoli and it was ruined! Urrgh! I ran back into my room to get Brett.  She had watched her show for only about 5 minutes, looked relaxed so I put her back in her bed. I came out of her room, went back to the kitchen then tell my dad that the soup is ready. Suddenly, she’s crying again! I go back in there and start rocking her. She finally went to sleep.

The soup was great (but had long, stringy pieces of the stalk in it- any suggestions on how to make that not happen?) but the broccoli was ruined. Such is my luck when cooking on a rare occasion while pregnant!

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