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Holly: Crying Baby

Holly: Crying Baby

We visited my in-laws this weekend for the Easter holiday. We came last year for Easter as well- what a huge difference between 3 months and 15 months (ok, that’s obvious)!  Brett was so happy this trip: running around and interacting with her grandparents.  This was drastically different than the crying baby that came to visit this same time last year.

My mother-in-law said a funny thing to me.  She said that last year everyone wanted to help me with Brett because she would just cry and cry and cry. She said that it seemed Brett’s goal to was to make me suffer – me and me alone. Now, this was said in jest, but Brett did have tummy issues that made her very unhappy. If, and that is a big IF, she was going to stop crying it would most likely be because I was holding her. My husband was the second person who had the highest chance of calming her down.

With that said, I wanted to retell my story of Brett’s unhappiness during her first 3 1/2 months of life.

Brett cried for most of her first 3 1/2 months of life. Being a first time mommy I really didn’t know that it wasn’t “normal.” She had to be held constantly and she would do this grunt-like cry, even if held. It was so sad, but again, I thought it was normal. That is, until I went to a baby shower when Brett was almost 2 months old. All of mom’s there kept saying things like, “wow, you have your work cut out for you” and “you really have your hands full.” I came home and talked to my mom about it and she said, “It’s really not typical for a baby to cry this much unless she is colicky.”

So, off to the doctor we went. After a series of questions he ruled out colic because she was sleeping like a normal newborn should sleep. He said it must be what I was eating since she was purely breastfed. First, he told me to eliminate dairy. I did this and it did seem to help (after a while, because dairy takes 2 weeks to clear out of your system). Still, she wasn’t as happy as I thought she should be.

Next, the pediatrician put me on an elimination diet. All I was allowed to eat for four days was chicken, squash, steamed rice and peaches. I was STARVING, but I did it. There was absolutely no change to Brett’s disposition. I called the doctor after four days and he said to try it for three more days… OMG! Well, I did, and still no change. In fact, she had terrible gas now (more to come on this later)! My motherly instinct was now telling me that it wasn’t what I was eating.

After calling the doctor again (was he annoyed with me now?) with the last bit of strength that I had (since I had eaten so little) he told me that there was one other possibility. He sighed and said, “for the heck of it, stop taking your prenatal vitamins.”

I stopped taking the prenatal vitamins and that very next day Brett was a different baby! She was happy!!!

So, I’m not sure if it was that she had grown out of the problem at 3 1/2 months, if it was the removal of the vitamins, or if the stars all aligned properly but whatever it was she was a different, happier baby and my husband and I were happier now, too. A crying baby can really put a strain on things…

As a note (My mom told me this when I was pregnant): Follow your instincts if you think something isn’t right with your baby – because YOU know!

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