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Holly: Discovering You’re Pregnant

Holly: Discovering You’re Pregnant

Before I missed my period I was feeling pregnant. Honestly, I was thinking NO WAY! This isn’t supposed to happen yet. We have a ton of travel plans this year (including a trip to Hawaii) and I really didn’t want to have a December baby.  This probably sounds selfish and crazy but my birthday is in December and I have always disliked that. Plus, December is so crazy anyways.

Backing up… My husband and I decided that we would start ‘trying’ (my friend Ashleigh hates that term) in May. That way the earliest we would have a baby would be February.

I was on the pill after I stopped breastfeeding but I never stopped bleeding. It was basically a 20 day period in December and then again in January. So, my hubby and I decided that I would go off the pill and that we would be careful. I did the ovulation calculators online and when the computer said I was ovulating we either didn’t do ‘it’ or we did what my husband used to call the ‘pull and pray method.’

February came and went and I got my period. Repeat in March.  April 1st came and I played the old “I’m Pregnant” practical joke on my family. She who laughs last…

We prepped for a trip to San Jose for a wedding in April and I was feeling a bit off. I wasn’t due to get my period for a couple of days but I took a pregnancy test because I knew that the weekend plan included quite a bit of ‘celebrating.’ The test was negative. Let the fun begin!

As the weekend went by I was not feeling so hot and I kept getting carsick. I kept thinking, am I pregnant? But, that damn pregnancy test was negative. Hmmm. I flew home on Sunday but my husband stayed in San Jose for work. My mom picked me up at the airport and I was so thrilled to see Brett. Boy, did I miss her! I had dinner with my parents and then went home to bathe and put Brett to bed. Before I did that I decided to take another pregnancy test- just to confirm the negative.

I went in and peed on the stick, covered it with the plastic cover thingy, looked at the clock so I could time the 3 minutes, set it on the counter and walked away. I read to Brett and played with her for three minutes. Then I jumped up and looked at the stick. Holy Shit! A bright pink line next to a soft pink line!

I was ECSTATIC! Yes, thrilled! I grabbed Brett and danced around with her and waited for my husband to call. When he did he said he wanted to Skype- perfect! Although I wanted to wait until he got home two days later to tell him I couldn’t contain myself. We got Skpe set up and he was talking to Brett. When there was a pause I asked Brett, “Brett, do you want a little brother or a little sister?” Chris said, “WHAT?” He was so excited!

So, here we are with a baby due on December 14th and I am SO happy about it. Now, I see it as a wonderful new celebration to add to the month of December!

Destination Maternity Corporation

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