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Holly: Kick Counts

Holly: Kick Counts

Both of my pregnancies have included VERY active babies so kick counts haven’t been something to worry about. Brett kicked constantly from about 6 months through the pushing phase of labor and this baby isn’t too different so far. He/she kicks faithfully every night when I lay down in bed. In less than 5 minutes I have my 10 kicks and I enjoy the rest of the kicking as I nod off to sleep.

However, one night last week there was no kicking. No fluttering. Nothing. I couldn’t sleep well because I wasn’t feeling the baby move.  I never want to be the paranoid mom-to-be or mother but I decided I should call my OB when they opened.  I spoke with the Nurse Practitioner and she said that it was normal to not always feel movements every day this early. But, she would have me come in and listen to the heartbeat just to make sure.

I left my daughter with a babysitter and went with my mom (I had also been feeling dizzy so wasn’t too keen on the 40 mile drive).  When I finally made it into the office early that afternoon my OB decided to do a quick ultrasound to be sure. We saw the baby’s heartbeat and we saw the baby making breathing movements but the baby was laying perfectly still. She said that he/she could very well be sleeping but she wanted me to check into the hospital for observation just to be sure.  As for my dizziness, she said I most likely was experiencing vertigo.

So, I called my husband (and he was panicking and feeling helpless being at work) and I went to the hospital with my mom.  I was wearing a cotton dress that day and was happy that they didn’t make me undress and put on a hospital gown.  My doctor had ordered a 30-minute ultrasound test (can’t recall the name) as well as some blood work.

As soon as the nurse wrapped the elastic strap around my belly to secure the device to listen to the heartbeat, the baby started kicking- hard. Hard enough that the nurse could feel it. She said that typically happens like that. I asked if I could go home but they said I had to stay to finish the tests.

Side Story: This was the day after we took the car seat apart to clean it (read blog entry Cleaning a Car Seat). My husband had to go relieve the babysitter and wanted so badly to come to the hospital to be with me. However, he couldn’t get the car seat (mostly because of the pressure of the situation) and was so frustrated.

I went through the 30-minute ultrasound and had a wonderful experience. The ultrasound tech was able to get a close look at the baby’s face and it was absolutely adorable! It seemed so unreal to see that little face in there. I always see pictures like that from people getting the 3D or 4D imaging but we never got a great shot of Brett’s face when we did that.  It was just amazing and it was unfortunate that my husband couldn’t be there to have seen it.

After about 3 hours in the Labor and Delivery area (and hearing the cries of one newly born baby) we got the all-clear to leave. The ultrasound results had yielded an 8 out of 8 – a perfect score for a 28-week old baby and my baby was only 24-weeks. All of my blood work came back normal and I was free to go.

The baby has consistently moved every night again and hasn’t given us any more scares. I was glad that I went into the hospital to have the monitoring done. And, now that I’ve seen that cute little face I can’t wait for my due date to get here!

*This picture is of me in the hospital when giving birth to Brett. I didn’t take a photo of this trip to the hospital =)

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