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Holly: Mommy’s Weekend Away

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Holly: Mommy’s Weekend Away

Well, we all survived mommy going away for the weekend. I had such a great time hanging out with my girlfriends. We ate and drank and drank and ate! As I mentioned before, I am very lucky that my husband has always been so hands-on with Brett so I don’t worry about leaving him caring for her while I was gone.

Friday night came and went. I received a text to let me know that she was soundly sleeping. With that, I felt quite comfortable to enjoy the evening with my friends.

Saturday morning I got a wake-up call (as did the other girls sharing my hotel room with me) at 8:30am. Yes,  I was still sleeping! He was calling to say that, while Brett was happy, she kept going into our bedroom and looking up at the bed saying, Mama? I could hear her in the background saying, ‘mama, mama, mama!’ which isn’t all too common. I did my best to talk to her on the phone but she just wants to push the buttons.

Saturday was a fun day of wine tasting but I couldn’t get my daughter out of my mind. For example, the Jason Mraz song I’m Yours came on and all I could think about was one time at Gymboree when the instructor grabbed his guitar and sang it as all of the moms and babies swayed to his beautiful voice.  Then, as I walked around the hotel room I kept seeing things that are choking hazards (water bottle caps, confetti pieces), and I would pick them up and throw them away or place them higher up.

By Saturday night I missed my daughter (and husband) but decided to sleep there and drive home in the morning. Well, I had so much running through my mind about how little time I would have with her and my husband on Sunday that I just couldn’t sleep! I ended up driving home at 4:45am and getting home at 6am. I slept until almost 10am- so I would’ve been better off just sleeping there and driving in the morning, but I was just too anxious to get home.

The weekend away was a success and I look forward to doing it again- but not anytime too soon…

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  1. whitty222 says:

    I think it was good for your husband to have time one-on-one with her. He gets to see how much fun and work it is to take care of a one-year-old full time. Good for you for taking time for yourself!

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