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Holly: Moving?!?!

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Holly: Moving?!?!

When was the last time you moved? Was it during your pregnancy? When you had a baby or toddler? I hadn’t moved in over 5 years and the reality of what it takes to move is very quickly sinking in. When I moved 5 years ago I was dating my husband and we were moving into a condo that we were purchasing together. This was a huge step and very exciting. We moved from a two-bedroom apartment that was under a thousand square feet to a much larger two-bedroom condo. We had very little to move and did it all in one day.

Over the years we have accumulated a lot of furniture, decor, JUNK, etc. But, we also had a baby and babies come along with a lot of stuff!  This is why we are now preparing to move to a larger home to accommodate our growing family. This move would be a lot of work on it’s own. But, top that off with having a toddler AND being pregnant and you’ve got a whole ‘nother beast in front of you!

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My 18-month-old daughter is at the age that she likes to ‘undo’ everything I do. That means that if I am trying to pack a box she is diligently UN-packing the box. This makes for very difficult packing. I can’t do much when she is awake.  If I really feel like I want to get some packing done then I put on Sesame Street for her to watch to distract her a bit. But, then I feel guilty to put her in front of the TV!

So, assuming I get some packing done with my daughter playing around, I have to factor in my pregnant belly. This belly is growing rapidly the second time around and I can’t lift anything heavy. In fact, my OB said I should reduce how much I lift my 24-pound daughter (Yeah, right. Tell HER that).  She also told me that I should do all packing sitting down, make sure I don’t do any deep squats, and don’t lift anything heavy! So, that makes the packing a bit more challenging. I basically do light things and probably push the limits a bit and then, once my husband gets home, he and I spend some time doing packing. Usually, though, he plays with Brett while I pack. This is fine with me since it accomplishes two things: 1) Brett gets to play with Daddy and 2) I get to pack things the way that I want them packed. =) That is the control freak in me…

I am very happy that this move is going to take place prior to Baby #2 joining the family. We are going to be settled in by the time he/she arrives. It just seems that there is never a good time to move.

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  1. Erin Orcutt says:

    OH MY GOODNESS HOLLY! we sound exactly the same! THis is exactly how I have felt trying to pack with Cam around. Winnie the Pooh has saved my sanity just to get some packing done. Plus when David would get home I too had to pack because I have to have the control. Although, I am not pregnant so you win in the “how can I make this move more challenging” contest.

    I hope you and your growing baby are doing well as well as the rest of your family.

    I’ll miss you!

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