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Holly: My Word on Wipes

Holly: My Word on Wipes

As a new mom I said that I didn’t want to get too caught-up in name brands. I wanted to use the most effective products. And, by effective I mean both effective to use and cost- effective.

When it came to diapers I started with Pampers but moved to the Kirkland Brand and then to Huggies. I LOVED the Pampers Sensitive with the color strip on the front. The color strip turned blue when wet so you knew if your baby needed a diaper change. I wish they had this feature on larger diapers!  Anyhow, as Brett got older the Pampers seemed to leak.  I had heard good things about the Kirkland brand (at Costco) so I bought those. I really have no complaints about them. One time I was at Costco and went to buy diapers and realized that the Huggies diapers were less than one half of one penny difference in cost so I decided to go with the name-brand (going against my original idea of not using name-brands just to use them).  I currently use Huggies. I found them to fit better as Brett got older and they fit her well and absorb her massive amounts of pee. Now, everyone has diaper preferences. In fact, a few of my girlfriends sware by Pampers and others use generic brands (see Lisa’s blog).

I have a similar story about wipes. Originally I only used the Pampers Sensitive wipes. I really love them. Mostly because they are so soft. However, as Brett got older I thought I would try a less expensive brand to save money.  Again, I decided to try to Kirkland brand of wipes. I used about two packages and decided I just didn’t like them. While they were thick they just weren’t soft and soft is a big deal to me. So, I switched back to Pampers Sensitive.

I was running low on diapers and wipes and went to Costco to buy them. Costco was doing a special that if you bought Huggies diapers AND wipes you would save $9! That is a nice savings, if you ask me, so I decided to go ahead and get both.

When it was time to reload my wipe warmer I filled it with my Huggies Cucumber Melon scented wipes.  At first they were fine. However, in the middle of a particularly messy diaper change I reached for a wipe and, as I pulled it up, it tore! In fact, it tore a small piece off! I frantically reached for it again and it tore again! This is not a fun situation when you are holding down a wiggling child on a changing table and trying to get a wipe! This had NEVER happened before.

I finally opened the top of the wipe warmer and just reached in to grab wipes. I thought this might be a one-time occurance but, unfortunately, it has happened more than a few times now. I guess the wipes just aren’t as sturdy as the other brands I have tried.  If you don’t use a wipe warmer then this probably isn’t a big deal but if you do then this is a pretty big incovenience.

As for the remainder of the Huggies wipes, I will use them in the car and may give some away. Next time I’ll just spend a bit more money and go back to the wipes that I like the most- the Pampers Sensitive.

NOTE: Costco does not sell Pampers (at least not in my area) so that is why I don’t mention it as an option when I am shopping there.

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  1. I know. I tried the huggies soft skin ones and I found them to leave a stickiness to them. I just but the target brand and they seem to be fine. I always hate that they either won’t come out or you get like 5 wipes at once. drives me crazy!

  2. Sorry I mean for all wipes that I have encountered. Not just the target brand.

  3. I never understood why the larger diapers don’t have the color strip. I loved that! As for wipes, I started with Pampers Sensitive just like you, switched to Costco/Target brands and both are fine (HATED Huggies!), but recently my parents picked up Pampers wipes for us to use on vacation and in comparrison to what we have been using they are awesome! I forgot how much softer they are. Definitely sticking to this name brand from now on.


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