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Holly: Naming Baby

Holly: Naming Baby

I personally think that choosing the name for your child is one of the most stressful things that new parents have to deal with. Why? Well, because this is the name that this baby (child, teenager, adult, elderly person) is going to have to be called for their entire life!  How do you choose a name that will be appropriate to each age and stage of his or her life?

While you, the expectant parents, are thinking about a name, everyone from your mother to your co-workers are chiming in on the it: “Oh, you aren’t considering Raymond as a name are you? Every Raymond I know is lazy,” and so-on. This is what you are constantly faced with. Therefore, my husband and I immediately decided that, not only were we not going to find out the sex of the baby, we weren’t going to share our names with anyone! This was slight torture for our family (my mother in particular) but I stand by my decision- especially since we ended up naming our daughter Brett.

I could just imagine trying to tell my family that Brett was a name we were considering for a GIRL! Instead, we thought they wouldn’t be able to resist it when we handed them this precious little angel and said, “we are so happy to introduce you to your granddaughter, Brett.” And that is exactly how it worked out (well, nearly).

After I gave birth to Brett, my husband went out to the waiting room and announced, “It’s a GIRL!” Fabulous- everyone was thrilled. The next question, of course, is “what is her name?” He says, “Brett!” At which point my oldest brother, thinking he must have misheard something, says, “It’s a BOY?” And so it begins! We actually laugh at this story quite a bit.

See, we (I) wanted a girls name that was strong and a bit unexpected. One day I hope that she has an impressive resume and that the person looking it over decides to call her to set up an interview and how surprised will they be when a woman answers the call!

I was expecting to get plenty of comments about her name being a boy’s name.  However, there are plenty of questions that I wasn’t anticipating. These include, but are not limited to:

- Is Brett a family name?

- Is Brett short for Bretlyn? Brettny? Brettly? Etc

- Can I call her Bretty? Brett just isn’t a name for a baby girl…

So, after nearly 14 months I still sometimes cringe at these questions. However, most of the time I smile (usually), as I pronounce her name again, and sometimes even spell it, for moms in the park that look at Brett and say, “She’s so cute! What’s her name?”

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  1. JRVLower says:

    Wow, do I hear ya! My husband and I decided to name our daughter Marloe (like, Mar-low). We both love the name and knew it only as a girl’s name (“you know, like Marlo Thomas?”). We wanted a name that wasn’t wildly unfamiliar, but where she could be known by her first name alone–unlike me, who was Jessica V. versus Jessica P., Jessica S. or Jessica A. But we’ve been met with some pretty confused faces when people ask what our daughter’s name is–the one I hate the most is the “Is that a family name?,” which I interpret as “Did you feel obligated to name her that rather than a normal, pretty girl name?”

    So, thanks for posting this–power to all the girls with androgynous names! I dig it…

  2. Holly, NMO Founder says:

    I love the name Marloe! Yes, that is my interpretation as well of the question about it being a family name. Why do people feel the need to say that? Can’t they just lie and say “what a great name!”?


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