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Holly: Noisey Disturbances

Holly: Noisey Disturbances

This is me venting a bit… About a month ago a really nice woman moved into the condo directly below ours.  When I say nice, I mean nice, not like fake nice. Anyone would have been better than the Wicked Witch of the West that used to live below us but we were lucky enough to gain a really great neighbor.

When she moved in she told us that she was going to be nearly gutting the place: new floors, new bathrooms, etc. Her and I discussed that the most noise would probably happen when they took out the current tile flooring and I was thrilled to hear that this was going to be done while we were on vacation.  I didn’t really expect much more noise than that. Boy was I wrong.

For three weeks now people have been working downstairs. Sometimes it sounds like they are going to hammer right through our floor. This really scares Brett and she runs to my arms. As soon as this started happening I realized we’d have to spend the day at my parents house.  I knew Brett could nap there so it wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Day after day we wake up, have breakfast, get dressed and go to Mimi and Papas house. Brett naps there, but typically only for an hour. We even go to their house on Saturday’s because, bless her heart, she found people dedicated enough to getting a job done that they work the weekends…  The one day that they weren’t working we actually stayed home and Brett took a TWO HOUR nap! If that doesn’t speak to her sleeping better in her own bed I don’t know what does.

This morning they started extra early- 8:05am (they typically weren’t starting until 9ish). This was a major bummer because Brett has been sleeping until 8:30 or 9 but she woke up as soon as the pounding started.

Our neighbor told us that it will be two more weeks before they are done. I am counting down the days- Brett needs her rest and I would like to be home a bit more.

Okay, my kvetching is over. I hope that as a mom yourself you can understand the way really loud noise can disrupt your child’s napping schedule.

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