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Holly: Park Play

Holly: Park Play

How old was your child when you first took him/her to the park? I took Brett to the park the first time when she was 4 months old. I had realized I needed to meet other moms so I joined a Mom’s Group through the website Meetup (if you haven’t checked this site out I highly recommend it). This Mom’s group had a policy that they had to meet you before they would let you join (this really should have been a red-flag for me, but that is another story. Did I mention the groups name was Cool Mommies of OC? I’m serious, but I digress). So, I went to the ‘intro’ play date at the park. I had never taken Brett to a park. I ended up sitting in the shade, mostly by myself because the other moms were chasing their toddlers around the park. I hadn’t brought sunscreen (now that I write this I remember that you aren’t supposed to use sunscreen on children under 6 months) so I cut my visit short.   I went home and decided to start a group for NEW moms.

Anyhow,  I took Brett to that same park today and had so much fun chasing her around. She decided that she would pick up all of the wood chips (this park has wood chips instead of sand) and pile them on my legs and in the swing. She wanted to swing on the swing for about 15 minutes. Then she climbed up the slide and played in the jungle-gym type structure that is built to look like a small boat. That is where this picture was taken. She was so proud of herself for climbing up and down the two small steps and also getting on and off of that blue bench.

Tomorrow Brett is going to be 16 months old so it is almost exactly one year since my first experience at this park. What a difference a year makes!

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