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Holly: Penetrating Poop?


This story was too funny not to share it…

Brett has been a great sleeper for her entire little life. She did the obligatory wake-every-2-hours-to-nurse sleep routine for three months but then she kept adding more and more time on each night. Around six months she was sleeping 10 hours or so and, since then, sleeps around 11 hours a night. I certainly can’t complain!

So, you can imagine my surprise when, earlier this week, she woke up and wanted to play for two hours! Then, the next night, she woke up again, for an hour and a half, for a bottle and to play. This has gone on now for 5 nights! I’m not sure what is going on with this. She isn’t unhappy so I’m trying not to worry about it. I’m sure it is a phase (or, the ever-present mommy excuse: teething!).

This is where the story comes in. When Brett wakes up in the middle of the night my husband (bless his heart) goes in and changes her diaper while I make a bottle. Last night he changed her and brought her into our bed. She smiled at me and gave me one of her wet kisses. Suddenly she starts farting! We all laugh (yes, she has learned that this is funny in our household)! Then, she farts again and boy does it smell! I wait for the scent to pass, but it doesn’t. I decide that she must’ve pooped so I take her into her room and lay her on the changing table.

I unzipped her onesie blanket sleeper and pulled out one of her legs. It is fairly dark in the room but I swore that I saw a ball of poop rolling around. No, couldn’t be. So I take out the other leg and there are now two balls of poop and one larger piece of poop- OUTSIDE of the diaper! I took off the diaper to see what the poop situation was inside of the diaper but there was NO poop in the diaper at all! How could this be?

The only think I could think of is that she pooped while my husband was in the middle of changing her diaper and between his bad eyesight and the fact that it was so dark in her room he just didn’t see it! He says it must have penetrated the diaper through some sort of poop-osmosis.

So, that is the funny story… I am open to any and all ideas on how this could’ve happened!

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