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Holly: Poison Control

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Holly: Poison Control

Monday afternoon brought my first (and, hopefully, only) call to Poison Control!

Where to begin… baby proofing! My husband and I decided that we would lock the cabinet doors first. We use the external locking devices (which I LOVE). The link below shows the type I have at home. They are easy to ‘install’ and are easy for adults to use. I have tried other brands but Safety First is the easiest to open with one hand.  Because we are moving sometime soon we decided not to install the cabinet drawer locks. We didn’t want to spend the time and money drilling into all of the cabinets. Instead, we moved any potentially dangerous items out of the drawers that Brett can reach into. This has worked very well for the last 7 months.

In our master bathroom there are four drawers. The third drawer down is “Brett’s Drawer” (formally belonging to my husband) and we have things in there that are safe for her to play with (toys, brushes, etc).  The fourth drawer has larger items in it and some things in boxes. Apparently, it also had a tube of Lanacaine, which I use for a rash I get under my wedding ring sometimes.

I saw Brett grab the tube and chew on the end. I didn’t stop her at first because I thought that she wouldn’t be able to puncture it. After all, she only has two teeth! Then, she stuck out her tongue in a weird way so I grabbed the tube. I noticed that a bit of the Lanacaine was outside the end of it- she had pierced the tube!

I read the tube and it said to call poison control immediately if ingested, so I did. Note to everyone: the number for Poison Control is 1-800-222-1222. The woman was very nice. We talked through how much Brett possibly ingested and what signs and symptoms I should look for. Apparently, the numbing part of the crème is where the danger lies. It can cause the baby to choke. It also can take the oxygen out of their bodies so I had to watch for grayness or blueness in her face and lips and I had to push on her nail beds to make sure they turned pink after I let go. Because she had taken in so little I was told that if she seemed ok after two hours then everything was fine.

Two hours passed and everything was just fine. It obviously scared the living daylights out of me. I must’ve thrown the tube into the drawer when trying to quickly clean up one day. I went through the drawer again and made sure that it was once again ‘safe’.

Babies teething are always putting everything in their mouths and I learned the hard way that baby proofing the right way is essential to the safety of your child.

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  1. cjncollins says:

    Thanks for the number, I have stored it in my cell just in case!

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