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Holly: Pregnancy Dreams

Holly: Pregnancy Dreams

I have always been one to have strange dreams, but when I am pregnant they get even stranger!

During my pregnancy with Brett I started dreaming about my ex-boyfriends. No, they weren’t sex dreams, just dreams where I was interacting with them: going on a picnic, running into them at parties, etc.  Since it was my first pregnancy I figured that maybe I was having a bit of anxiety about my commitment to my husband and to our family- knowing that bringing a child into the world meant that I was forever committed to both of them.  I have no doubts about my life or the decisions that I’ve made but those darn dreams made me wonder if subconsciously I was feeling insecure.  I’m still unsure of the reason for these dreams but I certainly remember them.

The other thing I dreamed about during my first pregnancy was that the baby would stick their face against my stomach wall and stretch it as far as possible so he/she could look at me and I could look at her. But that was a bit like Alien and not really cute at all. I didn’t have any dreams about giving birth or my baby being deformed or other strange dreams people have reported during pregnancy.

Here I am, not in even done with my fourth month and the strange pregnancy dreams are back! In fact, I started having strange dreams and I was telling my husband about them and HE was the one who reminded ME that I had weird dreams with the first pregnancy!

The first strange dream during pregnancy was about me trying to set up a love affair with a talk radio host from a local station that I listen to- So weird! Then, I  had a dream that I couldn’t carry the pregnancy to term so they took the baby out of me and put it in my cousin, Lindsay, to carry for me. I was out partying at a campfire while I was waiting for her to give birth. When she finally had the baby, the baby the size of a 6-month old! Oh, and the baby was a girl (my first pregnancy dream sex prediction).  My husband says that I dreamed of having a boy the first time and we had a girl so if I’m dreaming about a girl then we must be having a boy! We’ll see…

I will add new blog posts about any strange pregnancy dreams that I may have over the next 5 months. Did you have any odd or vivid pregnancy dreams? If so, please leave a comment!

By the way- this picture obviously has nothing to do with me being pregnant. It is just a cute picture of my daughter. Besides, I don’t have any pictures of me pregnant yet- I’ll get on that this weekend!

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  1. I’m Ty, and yes, a woman. :-) ok, so for a little more than a couple weeks now, I have been having strange dreams. Every single one of them were about me being pregnant. The thing is, the home tests have been negative. I understand that they may not always be correct, but i haven’t gotten a blood test yet, either. My fiance and I are trying to save up for our wedding. Some of the dreams have been nigtmares, but in every one of them, i have either been pregnant or had a baby. One of the first dreams I have had, i babysat for Adele (the singer) it may be because I would love to meet her.. But in the dream, I had to rescue the babies from drowning. The most recent dream I’ve had was about my ex, and how he told me he was in love with his cousin…. (freaked me out) then the dream changed to my fiance saying that.. And i left him, my friend took me in and i cried because my unborn baby wouldn’t have a dad in its life. I have no idea what you can tell me about the dreams, but i need closer on them. Thanks!:)

  2. Closure. *


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