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Holly: Reality Show

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Holly: Reality Show

If you had the opportunity to be in a reality show but you would have to leave your family/child/children for 6 weeks- would you do it? That is the question I’ve recently had to ask myself.

In high school I was a drama geek and quite proud of it. I had the arts and a wonderful group of friends (including an amazing drama teacher and his family) to surround me and keep me out of trouble.  I entered the theatre as a freshman and stayed through until I graduated.  I preferred musical theatre and jumped at the opportunity to audition (and then be cast in) Sunday in the Park with George, Little Shop of Horrors, The Boyfriend, The Wiz, Man of La Mancha and a few others.  I spent long hours after school rehearsing and even building sets for the shows. It was a wonderful experience.

So, when a friend from high school recently contacted many people from the cast The Wiz to potentially be in a reality show the idea excited me. It also terrified me. I haven’t performed on stage or sang since 1996. Not sure if my voice works anymore since the only singing I do lately is Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, etc.  However, I decided to just go ahead and apply- thinking the opportunity would be good for me and take me out of my comfort zone.

The casting director must really like the applications she is receiving from our cast because she began responding to emails and even calling us the next day. We were all super excited!

Well, I WAS excited until I heard the voice mail that she left me:

“Hi Holly, this is xxx from xxx production company. I received your application and it is really great!

I noticed in one of your pictures that you have an adorable baby girl. I wanted to talk to you about that…

During the 5-6 week taping of the show you will be away from your family and living in close quarters.

Please let me know if you are OK with leaving your daughter for 5-6 weeks. Thanks!”

Well, that did it for me. At 19-months-old I just can’t leave my daughter. Maybe my husband, but not my daughter. KIDDING.

So, that’s it, I am going to miss my 15-minutes of fame and I feel good about my decision.

*This picture is of the cast of The Wiz from Dana Hills High School in 1994.

Hanna Andersson

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  1. I don’t think I could do it even though that was an amazing cast and show, But it is not like you don’t have the chance to check in on everyone every so often you know. maybe there are a few people that got out of the loop but you should just do your own little reunion or something instead. even though it would be cool to see my cousin plus an entire group of people I knew on tv.

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