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Holly: Sex During Pregnancy

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Holly: Sex During Pregnancy

Let’s talk about sex, baby… Did you have sex with your husband (boyfriend, partner, etc) during your pregnancy? From what I read, some women get an increased sex drive during pregnancy. I haven’t met any of these women. Please, if you are one of them, let me know! I have about Z-E-R-O sex drive when I am pregnant and I feel terrible for my husband. He is really neglected for over 9 months!

I will recap what a pregnancy is like for me and how sex plays into it. If you are a friend or family member of mine this may be TMI so proceed with caution…

For both of my pregnancies our sex life was normal for us until I was 6 weeks pregnant. Then, I get SICK so all bets are off on sex. With the first pregnancy I was sick until 12-weeks and with this pregnancy I was sick until 10-weeks. I continued to be super tired until 15-weeks. So, there you have weeks 6 thru 15 with no ‘relations’ in our house…

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During my first pregnancy I started feeling better at 12-weeks. Things went back to a modified normal at that point. With my second pregnancy I am just tired. I’m not sure why taking care of a toddler makes me more tired than managing at a company, but it does. I’m exhausted by the end of the day. Actually, there are times I wish my husband were around during my daughters nap time because that would be the ideal time- I have energy, she’s asleep: I could definitely be persuaded to ‘do it’ at that point but my husband is at work! By the time he gets home, we cook, clean-up, get my daughter to bed, and I do some NMO or Mom’s Group work there is no energy left.

With my first pregnancy my husband lost interest once I really began to show. He wasn’t freaked out about poking the baby (at least he said he wasn’t) but he looked at me and saw baby and just couldn’t get into it.  To be frank, that was fine with me. So, we went without ‘relations’ from about 6-months on.  I am already showing with Baby #2 so that doesn’t fare well for our sex life (am I complaining?).

Luckily for both of us, I got my sex drive back quickly after I had our daughter. By the 6-week check-up appointment I was ready to rock and everything went back to normal (ok, I’m leaving out the painful details of having sex again- I’ll discuss that later)! We’ll see how it goes with the next baby but I’m optimistic that things will be normal again before we know it!

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  1. Whoa Holly, TMI! Haha, just kidding. : ) I’m actually fine with sex while pregnant… it’s sex while nursing that I have no interest in. Worse for my husband because nursing lasts a whole year! =/


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