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Holly: Telling Husband Your Pregnant

Holly: Telling Husband Your Pregnant

How did you tell your husband or partner that you were pregnant? I was visiting with some girlfriends and we were discussing how everyone shared the exciting news with their husbands.

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I freaked out. Yes, my husband and I had been married for over two years but we weren’t quite ready for kids. In fact, we didn’t know if we even wanted to have children!

He and I went out for a date night on a Saturday night. I ordered a large steak (my favorite) but when it got placed in front of me at the table I took one whiff and ran to the bathroom! I came back and we looked at each other knowingly. Was I pregnant?

I had been on the pill forever. However, we had gone on a trip to Cancun and I forgot to pack my pills. Then, once we returned from Cancun I wasn’t very good at taking them. I don’t know why. Well, that was that and I got pregnant. I was nervous to tell my husband.

I bought one of the tests that shows you the results by showing lines. One line = not pregnant. Two lines = pregnant. One line was very dark. The second was very light. Were there really two lines or was I imagining things? So, this is how I told my husband… I held up the stick and I said, “Does this look like two lines to you?” He was getting ready to go golfing and he looks down and says, “uh, yeah, it does.” I told him I would take another one to be sure.

My husband left to go golfing and I took another test. In the second test the second line was almost a bit more dominant than the first one was, but I still wasn’t sure. In the meantime, my husband is texting me with comments like “we are going to be parents!” and “you are going to be a great mom!” Wow- what a difference from the way I thought he would react.

I called the doctor first thing on Monday morning. I said that I took a test and wasn’t sure if I was pregnant because the second line was so light. The girl on the other end says, “if there is any line at all you are pregnant.” I almost dropped the phone!

I called my husband and told him what she said. We were both very excited- which surprised me. What a wonderful surprise my daughter was for my husband and I and we wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!

Destination Maternity Corporation

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  1. This is exactly our story! What a wonderful life changing surprise.

  2. Ours was pretty much the opposite. We had been trying for so long that when I got the call from the fertility center saying I was pregnant, I called my husband right away and just blurted it out! We were both at work, and I was walking around the parking lot talking on the phone so I could have privacy. :) How fun to think back to how it all started!

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