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Holly: Travel with Toddler

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Holly: Travel with Toddler

I successfully made the trip to Idaho with Brett! However, it wasn’t done without the help of others.

I was very nervous about the first leg of the trip because I had to take it alone. I hadn’t traveled with a toddler before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My husband was on a company trip and was in Denver. The plan was that I would fly to Salt Lake City (as would he) and then we would both fly on to Idaho Falls.

My mom and Dad took Brett and I to the airport.  Because I’m pregnant I didn’t want to lift my monstrosity of a suitcase my parents parked and walked in with us. The suitcase weighed 49 lbs so I narrowly escaped the extra fee! The lady at the counter was SO nice and gave me some tips on the best way to get to the gate.

I made it to security and joined the ‘family line’ (which takes a lot of stress away). I used to be a business traveler and would HATE when I would get stuck behind a family in the security line.  The TSA people at the gate were SO HELPFUL. They took my stroller and hand checked it so I didn’t have to fold it (at their suggestion) and they let me carry Brett through the screening. SO simple.

Now, the flight was a different story. It was a small plane (two seats on each side) and I mistakenly chose the row in front of the emergency exit row so we couldn’t recline. This made for a very cramped trip. I brought a DVD player for Brett to watch her shows but with the tray down, my pregnant belly and her on my lap- yikes- not enough space! Then, the lady in front of me put her seat back so that was the end of that.

The 1 hour 20 minute flight could’ve gone better but it could’ve gone worse. Brett wanted to walk around so we did that a bit and she pointed to everyone sleeping and said, “sleeping, sleeping” etc. Then she sat on the chair and I stood or squatted in the aisle.  She was squirmy and the guy next to us was obviously annoyed but I really didn’t care.  I gave her a bottle during the descent (the idea was to help her ears pop) and she fell asleep!

After the flight landed I waited for everyone to exit the plane and then I put her on my shoulder and carried her and my HUGE carry-on bag off the plane. As I’m walking off I’m wondering how the heck I’m going to open the stroller and get her in it. The man in front of me exiting the plane saw my stroller sitting there, looked at me and then offered to open it for me. I honestly had to hold back the tears- I couldn’t believe he offered! He opened the stroller and I put Brett in. She only slept a few minutes longer but the small nap helped.

We met my hubby at his gate and Brett was thrilled to see her daddy after 6 days.

The airplane was really the best part of the travels. The CAR ride was the issue (we had an almost two hour drive to our condo). The seats in the car were so low that Brett couldn’t see out the window so we had to hook up the DVD player and I had to pull out the big guns on the  ride to Island Park, Idaho (outside of Yellowstone National Park). I gave Brett Tootsie Roll pops and M&M’s. It made her happy and we made it our final destination.

Our trip is half way over and it’s been great so far! Of three nights Brett has slept through one of them (but that is what we expected). She is thoroughly enjoying the time with her 7 other cousins!

This picture is of the Island Park Resort in Island Park, Idaho. I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area!

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  1. cjncollins says:

    Glad to hear you made it – it is just a case of keeping them entertained and the kindness of others certainly helps in those situations. I know that when I went back to the UK I couldn’t have got through the TSA check without the kindness of the gentleman behind me – I had a car seat to lug around too!
    Safe travels on the way back – alhtough it is much easier with 2 of you to help entertain.

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