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Holly: Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Holly: Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Do you hate when people ask how much weight you gained during your pregnancy?  I do. But, for the record, I gained 30 pounds with Brett.  I have a major sweet tooth while pregnant. When I am not pregnant I like salty, fried foods. That said, I just ever have a time when I am not craving something bad for me.

This pregnancy I feel like I am even more self-conscious about my weight gain and I’m not really sure why. Maybe because I’m not working and sitting home more, but whatever it is, it doesn’t feel good inside.  I was watching the show The Doctors the other day and they were talking about weight gain during pregnancy. The OB/GYN on the show was saying how it is so important not to eat too many fried foods and not give in to the temptation to eat sweets. Then, the words immediately out of her mouth after that were, ‘but I gained 42 lbs during my pregnancy.’ And I’m thinking- wow! That’s a bit hypocritical!

When I went to my 14 week doctor appointment my doctor looks at the chart and says, “oh, you’ve only gained 9 pounds in 14-weeks. That’s really good!” Okay, good to know. She follows that up with her famous statement that I’ll never get out of my head from my first pregnancy, “Remember, anything over 20 pounds is yours to keep!” Urgghhh

So, I weigh myself at home weekly and track my weight gain on a calendar.  I decided yesterday that starting today I wouldn’t eat any candy, cookies, cake, etc. for one week. I went an entire a day until my husband, bless his heart, went out and got me a frozen yogurt. He put chocolate chips on top (which I LOVE). I didn’t eat all of them but I ate many of them. YUM. Better luck tomorrow…

While I don’t want weight gain to be a big focus of my pregnancy, it is, so I will surely keep my blog readers updated as to my weight gain progress and then (hopefully) the progress of my weight loss…

This is a picture of me at 16 weeks (I am 17 1/2 weeks along as I type this).

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  1. Hi Holly! I think you look great! If you are able to and interested in working out- you are welcome to come join us for baby boot camp in Dana Point and San Clemente. We have a lot of pregnant moms in class too. The workouts are fun, at the beach and a great way to help control the weight gain. You can bring Brett too! Let me know if you are interested. Hope you are feeling great, love the postings! – Angie

  2. jmerick says:

    Awe, Holly, don’t stress too much. I’m a total testament to the theory – which, by the way, I absolutely didn’t believe while I was pregnant – that you gain what your body is supposed to. I ate very healthy both before and during pregnancy with Ava and exercised (other than for the first three months when I was on pelvic rest) and gained OVER 50 POUNDS! Yes, over 50… we stopped counting the week or so before Ava was born when I passed the big 5-0! BUT, and it’s a big BUT, I lost all 50 within 4 months of having her and then 10 more to boot. I’ve gained back a couple recently with breastfeeding less, which isn’t really a bad thing I don’t think. Seriously, don’t stress! I REALLY stressed about my weight gain when it was happening, but I also knew I was doing everything healthily, and, so did my doctor, who, thank god(!) never ever said a thing about it. We go through enough with being pregnant and giving birth, that weight gain if you’re still living a healthy, balanced lifestyle should NOT be one of the stresses (and yes, that’s coming for someone who changed a total of 110 pounds in a little over a year!) And for the record I think that the OCCASIONAL chocolate chip IS balanced. ;)

  3. jmerick says:

    That last post was from me, Mollie, in case you couldn’t figure it out with all the references to Ava. :)

  4. pepzpatti says:

    Well I think you look great ! Please don’t be so hard on yourself !


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