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Huggies Mommy Answers

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Huggies Mommy Answers

New Moms have SO many questions when they bring home their new babies. Some moms have read multiple books, some moms have watched friends and family go through the experience of bringing home a new baby. Some decide to wing it. However, no matter how you try to prepare yourself for bringing home a new baby there is nothing like the real thing. When you’re home you go with your new baby you use your instincts and try to remember what you’ve read or heard as your baby is crying at 3am and your mind is in a fog.

When you get to that point you usually start looking through books or pouring over the internet looking for information. “How do I warm up this breast milk?” “When am I supposed to take the baby to the doctor?” “Is it safe to let the baby sleep in bed with me?” The list goes on and on. You may have certain websites that you go to in search of that information. However, most of the time you scour the internet for answers. Now, Huggies has done the work for you.

On the Huggies Facebook page they have set up an area called Mommy Answers. When you click through to the page you can type in ANY question that you have. The Huggies database then searches only parenting websites for answers.  They also have a list of categories ranging from Pregnancy Symptoms to Ultrasounds to Baby Showers to Bringing the Baby Home.

If you have a questions about your new pregnancy or your new baby head over to the Huggies page on Facebook (you know you’re already on Facebook anyways) and get your Mommy Answers.

Huggies is also doing a giveaway for a Skip Hop Dash messenger diaper bag full of diapers and goodies for Mom- a New Mom Survival Kit! CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway.

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  1. standupformoms says:

    Ladies: As moms, support ethics in brands marketing to moms. Kimberly-Clark’s head of digital is a verifiable home wrecker to homes with babies. Do not support their digital campaigns

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