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Lisa: Baby Doesn’t Crawl

Lisa: Baby Doesn’t Crawl
Molly has never been a text book baby and crawling was no exception. The books said she should be crawling around 7-9 months, so I continued to find different ways to encourage her learning how to crawl (i.e. tummy time, enticing her with fun new toys, etc.). I remember taking Molly to visit my mom and she was trying to get Molly to crawl, but instead Molly did a little scoot and leaned over to grab the toy. This was the day that Molly found a much more efficient way in moving around…scooting instead of crawling!
From this day on, she showed no interest in learning how to crawl. And this goes back to one of my very first blog entries…Molly lives her life on her own terms! At first we found this new “trick” endearing and adorable (see video posted below), but then I slowly became really self-conscious when I would bring her to playdates and all her peers were crawling and walking. To make matters worse, our pediatrician was concerned that she wasn’t crawling. In fact, our pediatrician asked us to take her to an orthopedist to rule out any problems with her hip development and get her tested for developmental delays with the Regional Center (there were a couple of other red flags that led us to testing her for delays, but more on that in another blog entry). After finding out there were no concerns with her hips and the physical therapist found her quite resourceful vs. delayed (and humorous), we finally relaxed and now enjoy her individual way of getting around! My new favorite moment is seeing people’s faces as they see her scoot for the first time…it is a total hoot!
Although this makes reading the text books difficult, and sometimes I’ll admit very overwhelming, we absolutely love her big personality and “problem-solving” skills! This has helped us to realize that you can only take the text books at face value AND the importances of trusting the people/professionals, who work with your child, have their best interest at heart.

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  1. This is exactly how my niece crawled! It’s so cute. :-)

  2. Holly, NMO Founder says:

    That makes me smile every time I see her do it. Her personality is awesome and fits her mode of transportation- fun and unique!


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