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Lisa: Baby’s 1st Birthday

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Lisa: Baby’s 1st Birthday
This past Saturday we had our daughter’s 1st birthday party. In preparation for the party, I made a DVD highlighting her 1st year of life (I know at first blush this sounds really ambitious, but you’d be amazed with what computer programs can do for you now-a-days!). I found myself being really emotional as I was putting together all the pictures and videos (of course it was to sappy music which didn’t help!). Her 1st year flew by and while I wanted to be able to push the fast forward button in her first few months of life, now I desperately want to be able to slow down time because it seems to be going by way too fast! In looking back, I struggled with adapting to mommyhood and being confident in how I care for our daughter; now I can’t imagine our lives without our little girl.
Now for the actual birthday party…
We wanted it to be very low key and casual, so we decided to have a family BBQ with only our immediate family and a couple of close friends. It ended up being quite the opposite…
Molly was either teething or not feeling well, along with having a lot of people focusing just on her, so she was clinger than usual. So while I was attached to her most of the party (after her PM nap, she was much better) my husband was left coordinating all the cooking preparation and after the party we realized that half of our decorations weren’t even put up (I was unable to help decorate because I arrived at the party site with Molly after her AM nap). Neither of us was able to sit down and enjoy the celebration so at the end of the day we really didn’t have a lot to remember. In hindsight, we should have had a small party with her friends and then a couple small family get-togethers verses doing all the family at once…that’s a lot of people who love her dearly and who want to so desperately play with her all at once!
Here are a few more of my takeaways:
  • Delegate someone to watch the baby while you get to prepare the party site (i.e. your home, a park, etc.)- This way you get to decorate the way you want to instead of juggling both at the same time.
  • Delegate someone to run the BBQ/kitchen OR better yet, order food already prepared! If you have the birthday between meal times, then you can always get away with just having finger foods for the guests.
  • Delegate someone to take pictures- We have a lot of pictures, but they were taken by 5-10 different people. I wish we would have asked one person to be our picture taker so we only have to get the pictures from one place after the party.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff and make sure you get to sit down with your baby and partner to really enjoy the celebration!!!
As you can tell there is a theme with my tips…delegate, delegate, delegate!!!
The good news for us…her actual birthday is April 2nd, so we can have a do-over!!!
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  1. Holly, NMO Founder says:

    I can’t agree more with your blog. We had 3 separate parties for Brett and, while it was a bit more work, it was better in the long run because there weren’t too many people all at once.

    We did have my parents keep Brett at their house while we decorated for the party- BIG help.

    Lastly, our ‘big’ party with her friends was during a non-eating time period so all we served was cupcakes and drinks. This was very stress-free.

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