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Lisa: Choosing the RIGHT Diaper

Lisa: Choosing the RIGHT Diaper
Diapering my child was not on the top of my worry list before or immediately after Molly was born. I didn’t put much thought into how we were going to change her diaper or even which brand of diaper we would use. This is the point where I stop and commend all the brave parents out there who are helping to save the environment one diaper at a time by using cloth diapers…I wish I had your determination to stick with something like this!
Ok, moving on…
We definitely had a rude awakening when it came to choosing the right diaper. We soon realized that our daughter pooped 8-10 times a day and went through anywhere from 3-10 outfits each day…yes, I said 10! I remember one day we dropped Molly off at school in one outfit and when I came to pick her up she was in an outfit that wasn’t even hers! The teachers proceeded to show me that she went through her original outfit, her FIVE spare outfits and her current outfit that belonged to the school. My child was truly a pooping machine (which for the record she gets from her dad- lol!).
We decided to that it was time to try different diapers and went through almost every brand on the market and settled on Target Brand diapers which helped minimize the “blowouts” but didn’t stop them completely…I’m sure we all have horrific stories of our children having a “blowout” at the most inconvenient time. Like when I went to an event with my moms group and I went to pull Molly out of her car seat (she was probably 3 months old) and there was poop EVERYWHERE! Luckily it was a Saturday so my husband came to my rescue to clean everything up for me! Phew!
Overnight was no exception. Every morning, without fail, we would have to change the sheets and put her pjs in the laundry. This leads me to my AMAZING discovery of Huggies Overnites Diapers….they hold EVERYTHING! Ever since we started using these diapers we’ve never had an accident…what a brilliant product!
I don’t know if you were as naive as I was when it came to diapering my child,  but my lesson learned was that every diaper is different and that I need to keep trying until I find the right one…AND every stage brings another wonderful change to their bodily functions, so you may just have to try them all again when they reach a new stage…oh the joys of mommyhood! lol


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