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Lisa: Experiencing the World Through Your Child’s Eyes

Lisa: Experiencing the World Through Your Child’s Eyes

Before having my daughter, I never truly understood how exciting & fulfilling it was to experience the world through your child’s eyes. I find myself getting excited before an event, such as her first trip to Disneyland or going to see Sesame Street Live knowing that Elmo is her FAVORITE character (I think it was her 3rd word- lol :-) ). Then when we’re in the moment, when the bright stage lights go on, I find myself so emotional that I almost cry. My almost tears aren’t because I’m sad, but because I am so overcome with happiness & excitement for my daughter to experience something for the first time….and I have the honor & privilege to be apart of these moments!

When we recently went to see Sesame Street Live (article picture), it was 2 hours of Elmo & friends excitement & our daughter loved EVERY second of it! I would have never been happy watching a kids puppet show, but now it’s not about me or my happiness, it’s about her happiness & experiencing the world for the first time!

As I sat watching my daughter bounce & babble in glee when seeing the closest thing she’s ever had to a best friend dance around on stage, I thought to myself “this is what mommyhood is all about, this is what LIFE is all about!” I absolutely LOVE experiencing the world through my child’s eyes because it opens to my eyes about how simple things can be & teaches me not to take any moment for granted…even the ones with fuzzy red characters dancing around on a stage- lol :-) !

Pictures of Molly on ‘It’s a Small World’ for the 1st time (I love the toothless smiles!):

And for the record, I cried when I was reading this post to my husband- lol!

Hanna Andersson

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