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Lisa: How to Bath Baby

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Lisa: How to Bath Baby
In looking back at Molly’s 1st year, I remembered back to how I adapted to giving this itty-bitty baby a bath. When we brought her home from the hospital and it was time for her very 1st bath at home, I completely chickened out because I was terrified that I would drop her, so my husband had to give her a bath. This lasted for the first couple months; we would do her baths together with my husband doing most of the heavy lifting and then I would finish the nighttime routine by getting her dressed and nursing her to sleep.
Finally, I worked up the confidence to give her a bath (with my husband close by as my bathing assistant) and we survived!!! Slowly but surely, I gained more and more confidence in giving her baths…of course I eventually got to a place where I thought I knew more than my husband and would give him tips when it was his night to give her a bath (I’m sure he loved that!).
As she got bigger, we struggled with knowing what the next step was in transitioning her to the “big girl bath”. The first thing we did was get rid of our original baby bathtub (it was awful…be on the lookout for the product review!) and purchased another tub that we saw at her infant swim lessons…it’s the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub. This still gave her the support when sitting back, but also the freedom to sit up straight or even play in the pool of water as she moved forward in her development.
Our next step was making the big move to the bath tub. We waited until it was obvious that she was ready for a bigger tub (i.e. water everywhere- in the kitchen drawers, counters, etc. and being able to sit up on her own). I had looked into buying a seat for the tub, but after reading what other moms recommend, we settled on buying a simple tub mat, such as the Ginsey Rubbermaid Rubber Bath Mat to help minimize any slipping. We also decked out the tub with Sesame Street Elmo Tub Treads, a fun faucet cover and of course tub toys!
I am completely relieved that we now give her baths in the “big girl tub,” but I certainly can still remember that terrifying feeling of giving your baby a bath for the first time (or even the first few weeks!). Just take your time in building up the confidence and ask for help if you need to!!!
Have more tips on transitioning your baby to the tub!? Please feel free to ‘leave a reply’ below!

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  1. I used the baby tub maybe a few times total. Until she was able to sit on her own, I took baths with her. It was a great bonding, unwinding time. No transition needed–now she sits in the bathtub alone while I bathe her and I contend with a baby who wants to stand up the entire time. =) Interesting toys are key to keeping her distracted.

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