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Lisa: No One Puts Baby in the Corner

Lisa: No One Puts Baby in the Corner

For the most part, every mealtime comes with it’s own challenges. Whether she doesn’t like what we’ve made or fights us on every bite, we have encountered just about every feeding challenge under the sun! We’ve tried consistently eating all together at the dining room table, letting her eat while watching Sesame Street (yes, we are horrible parents & have let her watch TV during dinner- lol!) or even letting her walk around as she comes for “drive-by-bites.”

So this leads me to my story…

Tonight, my husband had a new idea on how to get her to eat, distraction free….here is picture #1 illustrating his idea…

Yes, she’s in the CORNER- LOL! At first I told my husband “no one puts baby in the corner!” but then IT WORKED!!!! I don’t know if it was a combo of the yummy lasagna or having zero distractions, but it actually worked!

And just in case anyone is worried about us mistreating our child, here is picture #2 illustrating that she was actually happy eating in the corner- lol!

I’m sure we’ll try this tactic again to see if it was just a fluke or a new found success story, but if anything this proves that parenthood is all about trial & error and being open to new ideas!

It also proves that my husband is a genius…but don’t tell him that! lol


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  1. Wow! That’s great, good luck! I will try it once my baby is ready for finger foods because my toddler would never go for that lol.

  2. cjncollins says:

    You crack me up!!! Great work Hubby, sometimes it takes others to open our eyes to different ways of thinking.

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