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Lisa: Normalcy

Lisa: Normalcy

During the first few days of Molly’s life, I feel like my husband & I were on an adrenaline high! We were tired, but we were enjoying spending time with our new little family. As each day came & went and the adrenaline high subsided, we started to wonder if we’d ever feel a sense of normalcy again.

Now when I say normalcy, I am referring to the basic fundamentals of life…nothing fancy…just things like brushing my teeth, showering, sleeping, having adult conversation, going out in public without perspiring because you’re so nervous your baby will have a meltdown, etc.

For those of you who are pregnant or just entered the wonderful world of mommyhood, here is a list of things that slowly crept back into my life that showed signs that I would again regain some sense of normalcy:

  • Each week I would set 2-3 small goals. For example, one week I was determined to go grocery shopping or make a trip on my own (w/ the baby) to Target. Once I successfully survived one week’s goals, then I would ante up & my goals would get bigger like going to the mall or joining a moms group. This helped me build confidence as a mom & showed me that I would eventually become a member of the general population again- lol!

  • My husband & I finally went to bed at the same time vs. taking shifts! ~ this one felt AMAZING since we had been taking shifts so I could get some extra sleep before the night feedings. We felt like a regular, old married couple again!

  • When Molly was old enough to sit up on her own, she could ride sitting in the shopping cart & I felt like a normal, everyday shopper with a cute little kid along for the ride (vs. having that big bulky infant car seat sitting in the cart or carrying my daughter in the front-carrier). FYI- one of my favorite things to do now is take Molly shopping with me (i.e. grocery, clothes, etc.)!

  • Once I got over being modest with breastfeeding in public, I was able to stop planning my day around feedings & naps and start living life again :-) !

  • A more recent event, my husband, Molly & I were out to dinner and as Molly was enjoying her food & people watching, her mommy & daddy were ENJOYING adult conversation!!! This is what made us think back to how we began our journey though parenthood & reflect on how far we’ve come!

So lesson 1) Your Life WILL feel a sense of normalcy again…I promise! Now it’s won’t be pre-baby normal, but your life will once again have some sort of routine & you WILL sleep again :-) ! 2) Although we’ve come a long way in 16 months, we still haven’t forgotten enough about how we felt during those first few months in order to take that leap to have baby #2 (sorry friends & family ;-) )!

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  1. Now it is time for #2!

  2. Christina says:

    This is a great post. When I was a brand new mommy, I would have loved this information. I like your point about setting a few goals for the week. I remember feeling like I couldn’t get anything done, and felt so guilty for it. Actually, with a 14 month old now, I still feel like that to a lesser degree. Another thing that finally changed, was my emotional rollercoaster. I think the hormonal changes from pregnancy to breastfeeding wreaked havoc on my emotions. When everything felt like life or death, getting the baby to latch, making notes on her sleeping and diapers, keeping her clean and safe…I was prone to crying and feeling crazy. But it does get better. I got more confident and my daughter got more amazing. Now I am more laidback and can enjoy her growth and achievements.


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