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Lisa: Perfecting the Art of Saying No

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Lisa: Perfecting the Art of Saying No
As my daughter starts to get older (we are 1.5 weeks away from 12 months!), it is now apparent that we need to start thinking about discipline. Since she was 10 months old she’s been able to shake her head ‘no’ (see video posted below) and we think she fully knows what this means because she tends to look at us when we say ‘no’, she shakes her head and then continues to do whatever we told her not to do. On top of that, if we remove her from the situation, or item, that we told her not to do, she throws a tantrum…and I don’t mean a slight whine, I mean a full on tantrum that includes back arching and throwing herself on the floor.
Now that she knows and understands ‘no’, we’ve been faced with a new stage; how to discipline our daughter….dun, dun, DUN! Yes, now we have to sit down and determine how we want to discipline her (i.e. time outs), what type of things we should discipline her for (where is our line and what happens when she crosses that line) AND, more importantly, how do we communicate with her when there is something that she shouldn’t be doing. As we are learning more about our daughter and her big personality, we’ve discovered that telling her ‘no’ doesn’t work for the following reasons 1) she likes to test us so we are finding that we are overusing the word ‘no’ and 2) telling her ‘no’ only encourages her to continue doing what she was doing….oh the joys of parenthood =)!
I’ve invested in a couple of parenting books (once I finish reading them, I’ll post a product review on my favorite book!) that talk about how to tell your kid ‘no’ without actually saying ‘no’. So as Molly has discovered how to say ‘no’ we are trying to figure out how not to say ‘no’…it’s actually pretty humorous as she discovers her boundaries, but that doesn’t go without it’s frustrations. As we learn from our successes and failures in the wonderful world of discipline, I’ll make sure to share them with all of you!

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  1. Holly, NMO Founder says:

    That video seriously made me laugh! Brett just started learning to shake her head no and it seems to be her favorite thing to do as well!

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