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Lisa: Putting Baby on a Schedule

Lisa: Putting Baby on a Schedule
Prior to having my daughter, I heard a lot from other moms about the importance of putting your baby on a schedule. So I started on a reading frenzy trying to figure out different ways to put our daughter on a schedule after she was born.
Fast forward to after Molly is born and project “get baby on a schedule” begins. I remember writing my sister-in-law LONG emails about my struggles of trying to figure out Molly’s schedule. I would re-read the books and try each week to conquer one of the steps in getting her on a regular schedule.
Now, putting that all aside, if I was truly honest with myself, we probably weren’t successful with project “get baby on schedule” until she was about 12 months old!!! That is not a typo, that’s the honest to goodness truth!
In hindsight, here are a few things I learned about my frantic race to put Molly on a schedule:
  • Naps: I stressed a lot about how she would only nap when someone was holding her which led to getting nothing done! Eventually I was able to train her to take one nap a day in her swing and then slowly moved to all her naps in the swing to eventually around 5-6 months she took a nap in her own crib! When I went back to work she would only sleep in her swing and the school even helped us get her to sleep in her crib…everything worked out on it’s own and now I miss hold her while she sleeps, even thought it’s nice getting things done when she sleeps =)!
  • Bedtime: When she was first born her bedtime was 1am…how exhausting! We tried and tried to get her to move up her bedtime and after we finally let go and just embraced her late bedtime, she slowly started moving up her bedtime and now she goes to bed at 6:30pm!!!
  • Feedings: I would plan EVERYTHING around her feedings. Even though this is really important so she learned how to build trust in us, I could have also let go and embraced the freedom of breastfeeding! All you have to bring is the boob and the baby and you’re set to go! Now that’s she’s eating regular people food, I sometimes miss the ease of just hooking her up to the boob at any time- lol!
I share this with you to illustrate that even though helping your baby learn how to be on a schedule, it’s also equally important for us all to remember that a schedule will come with time and to embrace this time in our child’s life when things are so simple.
Here are a few books that helped me understand how to put her on a schedule that I still find helpful today:
Do you have more book recommendations!? Post them in ‘Leave a Reply’ and I’ll make sure to add a link for all our NMO members to view!
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  1. cjncollins says:

    Great article I think we also tried to get Oliver on a schedule without sitting back, taking stock and just letting him be.

    I also read all of the books above and can recommend them. I also read the following:

    Heading Home with your Newborn: From Birth to Reality

    and one for the Dad’s (cause getting them to read the pregnancy books can sometimes be hard)

    Be Prepared: A practical Handbook for new dad’s

  2. My most successful attempt at having Alexa on a schedule was when I got the feeling she tended to do things at the same time each day, but I was too sleep-deprived to be able to recognize patterns. I found this website that you can log when your baby is sleeping and over time it identifies when your baby tends to sleep, eat, etc. It makes all these graphs and charts, which appealed to the engineer in me! It helped me be able to anticipate and look for sleepy or hungry cues and plan good times to get out of the house. Of course she changed her schedule soon after I had a handle on the first one, and I wasn’t motivated enough to try again!

    The website is They have a free trial (and that’s all I did).

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