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Lisa: Stroller Blues

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Lisa: Stroller Blues
When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t worried about working off the baby weight because I thought that I would be out everyday walking/jogging when I was on maternity leave. We even purchased a fancy jogging stroller to help encourage us to get out and exercise post-baby.
This was probably my biggest misconception before becoming a parent. I had a rude awakening to the face that my daughter did NOT like her stroller! When I did get the courage up to walk with her on my own, I would plan it around a nap and swaddle her tight in her infant seat so I could try to get a good 30 minute walk in. As she got older, it only got worse.
After I joined my moms group, the first event I attended was a morning walk (in hindsight, probably not the best decision). I was hopeful that Molly would cooperate, but she had plans of her own. She screamed the kind of scream where they get really red in the face, for the ENTIRE 2 mile walk!!!! I was mortified!
After that lovely experience, I was determined to figure out a way to get Molly use to being in her stroller.
  • I bought every colorful stroller toy known to man and attached them to her stroller
  • Each day I would bring her stroller in the living room and sit her in the stroller for increasing amounts of time, so she would see that we can play and love the stroller =)
  • After a week or so of putting her in the stroller in the house, I would walk to the next block and back each day, then venture out farther when I thought we were both ready
I am pleased to share that even though she still doesn’t love being in her stroller for long periods of time, we have mastered the art of distracting her when she’s in her stroller and we can now walk 2 miles with no screaming!!!
If you are having a similar experience with your baby, take comfort in knowing that it will get better and keep trying different techniques, toys, distractions, etc.!!!
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  1. cjncollins says:

    I just bought a toddler snack tray for our stroller, so that I can distract him with food as well as toys now!


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