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Lisa: Training Baby to Drink from Sippy Cup

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Lisa: Training Baby to Drink from Sippy Cup

Since we’ve had so many challenges with transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and bottle feeding to solids, we didn’t even think about how to train Molly to drink from a sippy cup. When I was at a playdate with several of my mommy friends, I noticed many of the babies were drinking from sippy cups- regular sippy cups and straw sippy cups. I was envious that they were able to get their babies drink from the cups with ease, while we were struggling to get Molly to even try putting the cup to her mouth!

After doing some research, here are some tips on how to help train your child to drink from a sippy cup:

  • Try using a sippy cup that has a removable valve so your baby can drink from the cup without sucking…once they know there are yummy liquids in the cup, they tend to catch on to drinking from the cup. The Playtex The First Sipster Spill-Proof Cup 7 oz – 2 Pack (Colors Vary) have an easy removable valve to help with this transition.

  • If your baby is having difficulty in understanding that they need to tip their head back to get the liquids out, try mimicking the act for them. It may take some time for them to catch on, but be consistent…they’ll catch on =)!

  • Finally, you can always try a straw sippy cup, like the Playtex Lil’ Gripper Straw Cup 9 oz -2 Pack (Colors Vary). One of my mommy friends gave me the greatest tip on getting Molly to use a straw…use a juice box (like apply juice) so you can squeeze the liquids out through the straw. Within in seconds Molly caught on to suck in order to get the juice out of the juice box. Greatest trick ever!

Just remember to be patient and consistent…like my mom always reminds me “she won’t go to college drinking from a bottle (or breastfeeding)!”

Happy Sippy Cup Training!!!

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  1. I’m going through this right now myself. My almost 1 year old daughter will NOT take breastmilk or forrmula from a sippy but will happily take some water or diluted juice from one…even different styles of cups. I’m torn over whether or not to keep trying (because it REALLY ticks her off when I do!!) or to just keep things the way they are.
    I haven’t tried the juice box straw trick yet, though that’s a good one. I think I did that with my son and you have just reminded me of it, so thank you!!

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