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Do you remember your parents or grandparents talking about the milkman? No, I’m not talking about the joke that you look like the milkman. Hahaha. Back in the “good ole days” you could get fresh milk delivered right to your doorstep every week. It was fresh, cold, creamy and sweet (so they say). Well, the good ole days are back! In Southern California there is a company called Rockview Farms that has the brought the milkman back!

One weekend afternoon we were outside talking to neighbors and a man claiming to be a “milkman” came up to us to discuss his delivery program. We thought he was joking but the more we talked we realized he was serious. Fresh milk from a local farm delivered weekly to your doorstep with no delivery charge. I immediately signed up.

The prices are equivalent to those in the grocery store but more expensive than Costco. It isn’t pastuerized as long though so it’s supposed to be better for you.  Also, the cows are free to roam, drink clean water, are exposed to the sun- treated humangely.  Anyway, he gave us a free quart of chocalate milk, in a glass milk bottle, and it honestly tasted like a milkshake.  The milk truly is sweet and creamier than the store bought.

These days I am always looking for local foods and healthier ways to feed my family. This farm has given me the opportunity to do that.  I’m not sure how many areas in the country have this sort of service but it is definitely worth looking into.

Here is a video from Fox News of an interview with the owner of Rockview Farms.  It’s always nice to hear about a small business success story these days.

Note: I received nothing from Rockview Farms for this post. I am simply a happy customer wishing to spread the word about a great service/business.

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