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NMO Mommy Advice Week! (3/29-4/2)

NMO Mommy Advice Week! (3/29-4/2)

This week we’ve asked 10 mommies, with kids of all ages, the same 3 questions reflecting on their pregnancies and babies’ first year:

  1. When you were pregnant, what is one thing you wished you would have done to help you prepare for your baby?

  2. What is the one thing you spent time worrying about during your baby’s first year, but in hindsight wished you would have let go?

  3. What is one thing you wish you would have done with your baby during their first year?

Do you want to add your input to these questions!? Please feel free to ‘leave a reply’ to this article!!! We hope you enjoy NMO Mommy Advice Week!

Mommy: Emily, working mom
Child: Carolina (11 months)
1. I really wish I would have prepared my body better. I walked everyday on every break I had at work, but I wish I had also done prenatal yoga or pilates to prepare my body for my upcoming labor, delivery and recovery. I was fortuante enough to have a quick labor (about 6 hours– which I attribute to genes and hypnobirthing), but I found it challenging to regain my strength after my daughter was born. I believe that being stronger would have helped me bounce back faster.
2. I have spent a lot of time wishing I was staying at home with my daughter instead of working full-time. I feel I am learning to let go and focus on the time we have together.
3. I wish we would have taken more pictures of her– portraits to document her amazing development and growth. We take lot of snapshots and have taken a few portraits, but I have heard of taking a picture of your baby on a regular basis with something consistent to compare (such as in the same place beside something that remains the same size). The past 11 months have passed by so quickly, I already find myself looking back fondly at times past.
Mommy: Jen, stay-at-home mom
Children: Clare (4 years), Emily (3 years), Matthew (18 months)
1. Not stress so much about preparing for the baby and having everything perfect. Babies just want to be hear mom, have a clean diaperr and eat. There isn’t much gear required for that!
2. Newborn jaundice. All three had it and needed light therapy. It was traumatic with my first baby because I didn’t expect it, but by baby #3 it was no big deal!
3. Taken more home videos. I love to watch them now and wish I had more!
Mommy: Caroline, SAHM for 1 year, now back to work full-time
Child: Oliver (13 months)
1. Cooked a load of meals for the freezer, stocked up on easy, quick meal item. Due to Oliver being nearly 3 weeks early and moving into a new house only the week before I gave birth this was impossible to do, but it would have saved a lot of time, energy and thinking about what to cook, make each day on top of getting to grips with a newborn and feeling exhausted.
2. Sleeping on me or with me. I was worried that if we started this trend, we’d never be able to let go of it and he’d never sleep in his own bed. Now I wish I’d got more tiny baby snuggles in.
3. Had someone else take some professional newborn photos – ours were okay, but it is tough to capture those precious moments when they never stay still- and they are only that tiny once. And we have no family photos of us all from when he was first born.
Mommy: Debbie, SAHM for 11 years, went back to work when youngest was 4 years old
Children: Lisa (29 years), Tony (26 years), Gina (23 years)
1.  I wish I had exercised.  It would have made my recovery much faster and now that I am approaching age 50 (!), I think I would have an easier time with the “middle-age spread”.
2. Soooooooo many things…keeping everything perfectly clean, schedules, keeping things perfectly quiet while sleeping, reading those stupid books that talk about what your baby should do at each month, it’s amazing you turned out so terrific!  I wish I could have given up the goal of being a “perfect Mother”…she doesn’t exist.
3. I can honestly say that I did a lot in the first year!  But I would say that I could have always hugged more, cuddled longer, worried less and been more spontaneous…
Mommy: Carey, working mom
Child: Jake (10 months)
1. I wish I had prepared myself for how difficult it is getting a baby to sleep through the night. I should have read some of the sleep training books that are out there.  I never thought it would be so challenging.
2. I was really worried about him eating solids. All he ever wanted to do was nurse, when he should have been starting to eat food.  He just needed a little extra time and now he eats everything!
3. I wish I had been able to stay home with him, instead of going to work.  Leaving him in the mornings has been so hard!
Mommy: Laura, stay-at-home mom
Children: Emilia (3 years) & Gabriella (8 months)
1. First time: I wish I had taken more Lamaze classes. Second time: I wish I had started a work out routine before she came
2. First time: I was obsessed with her schedule it paid off in the end but I did think about it way too much. Second time: Really not worried as much?
3. Taken more videos, handprints and footprints. We have tried to do a picture a day but have fallen off track recently.
Mommy: Susan, stay-at-home mom
Children: Laura (25 years) & Connor (21 years)
1. When I was pregnant, I wish I had made the decision on whether or not to return to work so I wouldn’t have had that hanging over my head after you were born.
2. I would have let go of trying to please everybody else (too many family demands) and taken more charge of my baby’s time and activities.
3. I would have had less visitors and activities in the first year and spent more quiet time just with my baby, we were always too busy…it flew by too fast!
Mommy: Rebecca, working mom
Children: Aiden (4 years) & Zachary (2 years)
1. I wish I had met with other mom’s and with a lactation consultant to learn more about breastfeeding.  My first son, Aiden, was bottle fed, due to nursing complications.  Zach was breastfed.  Zach did not get sick nearly as much as Aiden, and I attribute that partially to breast eeding.
2. I was a germophobe after my first son, Aiden, was born.  I would have everyone wash their hands and use sanitizer.  I would also ask select individuals to change their clothing before holding Aiden.  After Zach was born, I relaxed a little.  I cut out the sanitizer requirement and did not enforce the clothing rule as much.  In hindsight, I could have been more relaxed with Aiden, but my intentions were good.
3. I wish we took the time to record more memories on video.  I love watching the videos we have with my boys, but it would be nice to have more.
Mommy: Laura, Both a working & stay-at-home mom (she cares for a friend’s child)
Child: Matthew (12 months)
1. I would have definitely read fewer books about being pregnant and more books about what to do when the baby gets here! Specifically, I wish I had read more about various methods for helping your baby sleep. Also, I shouldn’t have bought/registered for as much baby stuff as I did, because a lot of it we didn’t even use. Get the essentials, but then wait until your child arrives so you know which items you really need.
2. I would have worried less about trying to get my baby on a schedule. During the first few months I really wanted some predictability to our days. I felt like I never knew when he was going to need to eat or nap. Eventually they fall into their own routine and I should have just gone with the flow a little more early on.
3. Can’t think of anything for this one! We’ve had a wonderful first year and done everything I would have hoped to do. I just wish we could do it all again! Thankfully, I have thousands (literally) of photos and videos to help us remember it all.
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