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Holly: Pacifier Dilemma

Holly: Pacifier Dilemma

I was reading through the answers to the Question of the Month and laughed when I read the post about the pacifier (  To understand why I laughed you must understand a little about Brett.

When she was a baby she cried constantly. Colic, you say? Nope. She slept well so, therefore, wasn’t diagnosed as colicky. It took us until she was four months old to figure out what was making her cry (more on that another time).  In the meantime, we did anything we could think of to help her stop crying.

When I was pregnant my husband and I decided that our child would not use a pacifier. We didn’t want him (or her- we didn’t know the sex) to be walking around at four-years-old with a binkie. This was one of the many things you say pre-parenthood that you have no business making a decision about until you have child.

So, Brett cried and, at around two months, we tried to give her a pacifier. We waited until two months because the books say not to introduce a pacifier too early otherwise the baby can get nipple-confusion. Well, she just wouldn’t take it.

It was so frustrating because people would say, “why don’t you try giving her a pacifier.” This quickly became a very sore-subject. I would get angry, and sometimes even cry, when people would suggest it- as if it was something we hadn’t thought of already!

I purchased every type of pacifier that I could find. Anytime I saw a type that I hadn’t seen before, I would buy it. My mom would buy them. My husband would buy them. Eventually we literally had over a dozen pacifiers and Brett wouldn’t take any of them!  Funny, I even took a picture of a bowl of pacifiers that I kept in the family room. I tried to reason with Brett, telling her, “you would be so much happier if you would just take this paci!” But, she just didn’t get it.

So, we made it through the first four months of her, crying, life pacifier-free.   My husband and I now agree that with the next baby we will introduce a pacifier as soon as the baby catches on to the breastfeeding.

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  1. Emily Kuhn says:

    Thanks so much for this posting! I am going through the same situation with my three month old – I also decided to not give my son a pacifier and now that he is not sleeping well (and seeks the comfort of his little fingers) I have tried to use one periodically. Of course he will not take it! I too have purchased a few different kinds but to no avail…

  2. I had the same issue. I eventually gave up trying. Riley is 6 months now and will take one periodically but usually just likes to chew the sides of the soothie ones.

  3. carolbrummel says:

    I have the opposite issue. Since Tyler was in the hospital before coming home, the NICU got him hooked on one. Now he is almost 2 and looks at the binkie like it’s crack! I have no idea how to break him of it!


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