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Peek-A-Baby Book Review

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Peek-A-Baby Book Review

Name of Book Being Reviewed:  Peek-a-Baby (A Lift-the-flap-book)

Author: Karen Katz

Reviewed By: Genevieve Olson, M.S. in Reading Instruction, Contributor

Date Reviewed: 5/3/10

Pros: interactive peek-a-boo game on every page, very colorful, many different textures

Cons: wish it were longer

Review:  My daughter Paige just had her first birthday and I can’t believe how fast time flies! It seems like over night she has turned from a cute little blob to a walking, talking little person. It is amazing to see how her little mind works and I love to give her tools to engage her and teach her new skills.

One of her favorite games (besides pull the dog’s tail) is peek-a-boo. She will play with herself in the mirror with her blanket or with anyone who will go along. For her birthday one of our friends gave her the book: Peek-a-Baby by: Karen Katz. We have many books by this author because I love how she puts learning into bright colorful stories. This particular book engages the little reader by having a baby hiding behind something on each page. The reader lifts flaps in all different directions to reveal the hiding cutie on the other side. Paige will sit for “minutes” ( this is hours in toddler time) and play Peek-a-Boo with the baby on the pages.

I would highly recommend this book for all little readers. The pages are relatively sturdy and durable. Although Paige has already managed to rip hers a little when trying to problem-solve as to which way the flap opens, but for just about $7.00 it is a toy I won’t mind replacing. Now you might be thinking did she say “toy”? Yes, I would qualify this book as a toy and a book. There really is no plot to the book it’s main purpose it to engage the little hands of it’s owner. However, who says books can’t be like toys? They give us pleasure, we can laugh and have fun with them and they are often just as colorful!

This book now travels with us in the car seat and I can hear my little munchkin in the back laughing as she plays with her new found friends behind the various objects. This is a must have for every household!!! In fact we are on our way today to purchase another one to keep one in the house and one in the diaper bag.  Have fun!!!

Rating on scale of 1-5 (5 being a Mommy Oasis)

5 Palm Trees for sure!!!!!

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  1. cjncollins says:

    We also love the Karen Katz books- ‘where is babies belly button?’ and another one about learning parts of the body. Oliver loves them too, he lights up when they are produced and will often select them from the pile in his playroom.
    Other lift the flap books that we like are the Spot the dog series.

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