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Holly: Poopy Situation

Holly: Poopy Situation

Tonight I was eating dinner at my parents house, as I often do when my husband is working late (and even when he’s not). It was a fun evening, as usual, and we were getting ready to go home. My mom took a ’sniff, sniff’ of Brett announced that she had a poopy diaper. Oh, fun!

My parents are doing a bit of construction in their home so their downstairs bedroom is now their bedroom. Typically, I throw a changing pad on the bed to change Brett’s diaper. I didn’t this time because 1) she had pooped twice already today so I wasn’t expecting it to be very big and, 2) her poops had been hard today so I figured it would be a quick change. I was oh, so wrong on both accounts.

As I opened her diaper I quickly realized it was a big, messy poop. I reached across to where the wipes were (why I hadn’t grabbed them before I started, I don’t know) and in a blink of an eye Brett pulls up her diapers and flings it above her head! Holy shit! It was everywhere! I yelled for my mom, who came running (as did my dad). Brett had poop on her face, near her eyes, on her clothes and, of course, on my parents bed!

It was one of those moments that happens so quickly and you think, wow, how did that go so wrong? In the end, no harm, no foul and I got a pretty good laugh out of it!

After I wrote this I read on the New Moms of Orange County blog a similar story that was a pretty shitty situation. Check it out! New Moms of OC Blog

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  1. cjncollins says:

    Very funny! It is amazing how one little movement can cause so much mess.

  2. Hilarious! I’m waiting for this to happen with Molly since she has started grabbing at her diaper when I’m trying to change her! I stopped putting a changing pad on the changing table because it was inevitable that we’d get poop (or pee) on it so it was a constant battle trying to keep that thing clean…now we just wipe it down with a wipe once we’re done- lol!

  3. LOL! Matthew grabs his diaper too when I’m changing him and we’ve had a couple close calls! The other day he was in his room waiting for me to fill the bath tub… when I came back in he was standing there without a diaper, he’d taken it off! Good thing it wasn’t a dirty one. =0

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