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Lisa: Preparing to Go Back to Work

Lisa: Preparing to Go Back to Work
Before going on maternity leave, I didn’t anticipate any problems with coming back to work and jumping right back into things. I remember people telling me that my priorities would change and things would be different, but I didn’t believe them.
I had a generous maternity leave of 4 months and around 3 months, I started feeling the emotions of going back to work. Since I had struggled so much in the beginning (i.e. baby blues, adjusting to motherhood, etc.), around 12 week is when I just started enjoying being home with Molly. I had joined my wonderful moms group so I had the amazing support of friends with babies in the same stage as Molly AND Molly was interacting more. It was AMAZING! I didn’t realize that I would fall in love with taking care of this little person everyday, all day. The reality was that I needed to go back to work and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but everything people said about my priorities changing was SO true!
So around 3 months I had to start preparing myself and Molly to go back to work. Although the list I am about to share with you seems very matter of fact, please don’t think for second that there weren’t a lot tears and emotions leading up to the day (and even after) I went back to work. So here is a list of things I had to prepare in order to go back to work:
  • Started to build up a supply of breastmilk in the freezer- like I’ve shared before, I wasn’t a big milk producer so I REALLY had to work at this, but I was able to get about a week’s worth of milk in the freezer before going back to work
  • Introduce Molly to her childcare routine by bringing her to her Montessori school for a couple hours each day (with me still there, since this was probably more for me than Molly)- the week leading up to my return, I actually dropped her off on her own and added an hour each day she was there to get us both use to being apart AND I was able to go ‘back to work’ clothes shopping =).
  • Preparing the items she needed for school, for example, the school gave me a list of things she would need and part of the list was labeling EVERYTHING we brought there, so I went online and found out what other moms do to label their kids things for school…here are a couple of things I ended up using and LOVE (Bumbyname Orbit Labels by InchBug and Stuck on You clothing labels).
  • Lastly, my husband and I sat down and figured out how in the world we would get us all out the door on time each morning. We came up with a gameplan on who would get Molly ready and since she was only 4 months old, we had to figure out how we would entertain her when we got ready (as you’ve probably seen from my forum post, she is an early riser).
For those of you who are preparing to go back to work, outside the emotional rollercoaster you’re probably going through, I hope these tips help you feel better equipped to return to work.
If you are already back at work, please feel free to share your tips and advice by posting a ‘Leave a Reply’!!!
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