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Sick During Pregnancy AGAIN

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Sick During Pregnancy AGAIN

I’ve written about this before but since I’ve been sick AGAIN I just have to bring it up.  When other moms tell me, “I was never healthier than I was during my pregnancy,” or “your immune system is better when you’re pregnant,” I just want to scream.  I asked my doctor about this and she actually said that a woman’s immune system is down during pregnancy. I confirmed this through multiple sites online as well and will be publishing an article on this tomorrow.

Last time I was sick with bronchitis. This time it was a 6-day sore throat that then turned into a nasty head cold and chest cold. This went on another 6 days. When I started feeling better my daughter started getting sick. I’m assuming she had a sore throat because she didn’t eat well for a few days and then she got a green snotty nose. She went on antibiotics and still (after 5 days on medicine) has a runny nose but it is much less frequent and is clear in color.  Mine started coming back again and I sat here looking at the dates and looking at my calendar. We had multiple fun Halloween activities planned and I didn’t want to miss them.
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I took Brett to one Halloween party for my Mom’s Group because we didn’t need to come in close contact with anyone. We were then both sick enough to miss a Halloween playdate scheduled at a friends house.

Luckily, on Halloween we were both feeling better. We dressed up (this photo is of me, my hubby, Brett and my parents) as a family- for the first time ever- and it was awesome.  We had some family over and as time went on I started feeling sick again- but flu-like sick.  My body started aching and I just had zero energy.  My husband and mom apparently noticed that I was looking pale (despite the black marks on my face).

I decided I couldn’t take my daughter trick-or-treating.  It made me really sad but I was just too sick. I went up to bed and my family and hubby took her out.  I was so achy I could barely move and any move I did make hurt. I took two Tylenol since that is all you can take when pregnant. I barely slept because of the achiness, but when I woke up I wasn’t achy at all! My throat hurt again but that was fine with me as long as my body didn’t hurt.

As you can tell this just keeps going on and on.  I finally feel “un-sick” but I am so tired from being in my last month of pregnancy that I am lazing around a bit. And, I nap every day when my daughter naps. I have to- it’s not an option for me.

I am really happy for the expectant moms that are super healthy during pregnancy. Unfortunately, I am just not one of those people.

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  1. I’m so sorry you guys got sick…Bella and I were down and out after Halloween too…but only for a few days. Hopefully you have it out of your system and can gear up for the fun of having TWO!


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