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Soothe the Savage Breast

Soothe the Savage Breast

Engorgement and mastitis are serious breastfeeding problems that can make a mama want to give up. Both can be eased with some simple, comforting suggestions, but we urge mamas not to mess with mastitis. If you experience sudden flu-like symptoms, fever, hard, red spots or red streaks on your breast, you might have a breast infection, and a trip to the doctor is in order. We all want to limit our exposure to antibiotics, but mastitis can become serious very quickly, and you want to be sure to nip it in the, uh, nipple.
Here are some comforting tips to help your achy breasts

  • Use a warm compress to help release of milk, and keep clogged ducts at bay. (Booby Tubes™ are terrific for that!)

  • Use a cold compress to soothe the swelling of sore, engorged breasts. (Booby Tubes™ for that too!)

  • Keep nursing! And drain each breast completely.

  • Express some milk to relieve some pressure, but don’t pump too much, so your body doesn’t think you need to make bonus milk!

  • Apply cabbage leaves – it’s funny looking, but it can really work! (A Bosom Buddies™ herbal poultice is less silly, and works wonders!)

Article courtesy of Earth Mama Angel Baby

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