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Special Guest Blog: Tiny Miracles

Special Guest Blog: Tiny Miracles

Special Guest Blogger: Linsay Chavez,

About Linsay Chavez: I am the mommy of 2 beautiful little girls that fill my days with laughter, drama and the occasional meltdown.  Nathalia just turned 2 years old and Elliana is almost 5 months old.  I work out of my home as a Marketing Coordinator and get to spend time with my girls at the same time, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Elliana – Our Miracle:

When my oldest daughter Nathalia had just turned 1, my husband and I decided we were going to try for a second child and had immediate success!  We were so excited!  Nathalia is my “Miss Independent” and from the beginning never liked to be cuddled or snuggled.  I was so ready to have a cuddle-bug this time and I knew God was going to give me the desires of my heart!  This time around, everything was different.

My pregnancy FLEW by at lightning speed.  This was probably due to the fact that I was chasing a toddler around all day which didn’t leave much time to daydream about things like: “What will she look like?”,  “How should I decorate the nursery?”, “What should we name her?”  In fact, we didn’t pick a name until right before she was born and we still haven’t finished her nursery!  (No need to tell me how horrible that is, I already know).  Those weren’t the only factors that were different in this second pregnancy, however.

Towards the end of 3rd trimester my doctor became concerned about my blood pressure, lack of weight gain and protein levels which we all know are the telltale signs of preeclampsia.  I had experienced similar symptoms during my first pregnancy, although not quite as severe, so at first I didn’t worry at all (since my oldest had no complications even after these symptoms were present).  A few weeks went by and my doctor started to question the baby’s weight gain as well.  Apparently, she was under the 10th percentile for weight according to the sonograms and because of this and the preeclampsia, I was put on bedrest.  They told me that she would be under 5 pounds and probably have to be in the intensive care unit once she was born.  I remember that during that time, I tried to act like I wasn’t concerned and everything was going to be ok.  Everyone else did the same, which was exactly what they should do I guess, staying positive and telling me that it was “no big deal”.  In reality, though, I was scared to death of what could happen to my little peanut.  My Faith was tested during that time.  I have never prayed so hard in my life.

At my 37 week appointment, my levels were so high that the doctor scheduled me for an induction the following morning.  On my home to pack for the hospital, I went into labor naturally.  That night, at 10pm, our little girl was born weighing 5.9 pounds and in absolutely perfect health!  We decided on the name Elliana, which means “God has answered”.  She’s the most beautiful, petite, happy baby in the world.  And best of all, she LOVES to snuggle.  One of the hardest things for a parent to go through is knowing that their child is in a situation that they have no control over.   I would have done anything during that time to ensure the life of my unborn child.  It wasn’t up to me, though.  The doctor told me one thing, but I had to sit back and believe that God had other plans.

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