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Special Guest Blogger: A Lesson in Patience Boomeranged

Special Guest Blogger: A Lesson in Patience Boomeranged

I thought I had no patience.  Really I did.  That is until I saw my husband with my son.  My son Max is 18 months old.  Max is in that phase where he is just starting to throw things.  To see my husband get upset, I realize why there is both a daddy and a mommy.  Mommies protect and Daddies take risks.  My purpose is not just to teach my son, but to teach my husband.   I realize that I do have patience.  Where did it come from?  Who knows?  I just know that I am so relieved that I am the calm, patient one in this situation.

I take my husband aside and I tell him that his energy affects our son.  If he is frustrated, then our son will feel it, if he is angry, our son will feel that as well.  I tell him to stay positive and to distract our son when he acts in a way that is not acceptable.  An epiphany hits me all of a sudden.  This is what I was destined to do – teach my husband and son.  My husband, the only child.  So many questions pop up in my head.  Is this because he was an only child that he doesn’t know what to do with our son?  Or is it that fathers are not capable of the kind of love and patience mothers are?

I come to the conclusion that it is a combination of all things.  I too, want to lose my patience but with my husband not my son.  So what do I do?  I find something that they both like and it’s like magic – they are getting along, my husband is not losing his patience because he is enjoying this time with his son.

That’s when I get it.  It’s not my husband’s fault.  He doesn’t know any better.  He’s never had siblings or even young cousins around – ever.  I have never had to be around someone like my husband either.

So there it is, I too, learn a lesson – to be patient.

Nilsa is mother to son, Max, who is 19 months. She works full time, has her own photography business and loves being a mom!

Mothers Work, Inc.

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