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Special Guest Blogger: DaddyYo

Special Guest Blogger: DaddyYo
My name is John Taylor. I am 27 years old, father of 2, and husband of one. I have a 3yo boy and 1yo girl. I am a full time cook and part time manager at a place in town. I love my family more than anything and strive to be the best dad and husband I can be. Aspiring freelance writer, and author of The DaddyYo Blog.


The Days, The Years, The Memories

Everyone says that right before you die, your entire life flashes before your eyes. It seems to me that it flashes before us while we live it and that we miss out on so many opportunities and so many memories that just slip away as quick as we blink our eyes. Personally, I believe that having children will make time speed up and in no time your little ones are grown up and moved on. It is imperative to make the days, the years, and the memories last as long as possible. You only live once, your children do too.

The moments that define our lives, the little smiles, the first love, first steps of our children, all the little tiny moments that truly define our hearts, seem to pass here, then they are gone in the flash of a bulb. First laughs to getting married, life is too short to let the little moments slip by.

Becoming a dad was a new and also scary event in my life. I was very uncertain, very emotional, and very proud all at the same time. It didn’t take long before I was jumping at every whimper, and completely melting at every coo. Life had taken on so much more of a meaningful persona then. Now I am the proud father to two. I learn from them, I love with them, I cry with them, and of course play with them.

It has become very important in my life to be as active in my children’s lives as possible. You never know when those moments might not be around anymore. The days, the years, the memories can pass joy without a trace. Photo albums may be full but the heart may stay empty. Don’t let the moments that define you just be a definition. Let them be a part of you heart and your soul. Live each day, love each second, and enjoy the beauty of life that is given to us as parents, and the joy that comes with the knowledge that even the tiniest smiles and softest coos can convey.  – John Taylor

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